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What does the “Wizard of Oz” have to do with your health?  Just like Dorothy you don’t have to search outside of yourself to find your way to what was always right there inside you.  When it comes to your health you have the power within to find your own path to health and healing.  Believing in yourself is the first step along the yellow brick road to finding your way home to a healthy life.

Path to Health and Healing was created by Laura Dankof.  Her mission is to empower you to be the master of your own health.  Her goal is to provide you with informational tools to help you dig down to the root causes of disease and planting the seeds for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.



Hi Laura,

I am so very grateful for all that you do!! Thank God I am off all meds and finally able to heal. I’ve read so much and believe it all but am still trying to understand my unique situation. This really helps me get there along with your help! It’s like big piece of the big puzzle.

For the last 20 years I have been on antidepressants, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications, never really getting better. I can’t believe how much better I feel. It’s awesome to because it is mostly because I’m doing it with your advice and the natural way!  I am on the path to health and healing.



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  1. Angela

    Congrats on the creation of your new site! Still working on mine but it should be done soon.

    1. Laura

      Thanks! I can’t wait to see your site.

      1. Angela

        What are your thoughts on the use of Vitamin D supplements to naturally reduce blood pressure?

        1. Laura Dankof

          That is a great question. There is some speculation that low vitamin D levels may be associated with high blood pressure. In fact there was a study done in 2012 by a group of Danish researches looking at this very question. In that study 92 out of 112 patients tested with high blood pressure were found to have a low vitamin D levels. Patients that were given vitamin D supplementation showed a modest, but significant drop in central systolic blood pressure of 6.8 mmHg and a 1.7 mmHg drop in diastolic blood pressure. Findings were less significant with ambulatory blood pressure readings. This was a very small study and I think further research is needed. However vitamin D does have significant research showing many other health benefits. Check out my blog on Sunday, March 10th to learn more.
          (European Society of Hypertension (2012, April 25). Vitamin D supplements can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension.ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 9, 2013, from http://www.sciencedaily.com¬/releases/2012/04/120425094310.htm

  2. Amy Koestner

    I’m looking forward to your book and your thoughts on issues like sinuses, allergies, and hormones! Good luck with your book launching!!

    1. Laura Dankof

      Thanks Amy! I do talk about the potential root causes of these along with other health problems in my book. I will also be posting relevant topics periodically on my blog as well.

  3. Robin

    Congratulations on the book and the website! I look forward to seeing more blogs. :-D

    1. Laura Dankof


  4. susan

    How do you sign up for the free course you just mention with the pass word pthfree

    1. Laura Dankof


      Here is the link to get free, it is PTHFree If this does not work, then go to http://www.udemy.com. Put in your search in the discover box for seeds 4 change: a path to health and healing. When you order it will ask if you have coupon code. Put in PTHFree. Hope this helps and thank you.

  5. susan

    can you please sign me for the free course you mention seed for change. I do not know where to put in the info.

    Pass word pthfree

  6. Vanda Strange Explains

    Really enjoyed reading your blog Laura. You have some terrific information for safe guarding our own health. Many thanks for your dedication and natural ability to communicate your thoughts :)

    1. Laura Dankof

      Thank you Vanda. I am passionate about increasing health awareness and curtail the epidemic of chronic and debilitating disease. Empowering people to understand what is affecting their health and what steps they can take to improve it can help them get started down the right path.

  7. jairson

    Hi Laura Im not gonna comment on your products for personal reason but I gotta say Your website looks amazing the layout the colors everything looks good impressive keep at it :)

    1. Laura Dankof

      Jairson, thanks a lot. I appreciate the feedback. Good luck to you on your quick start challenge as well.

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