Have You Ever Thought About Doing a 23 and Me Test?

Have you ever thought about doing a 23 and Me test?  Many people have done them so they could learn more about their own genes. What is the benefit to this?  Well, it can help you be proactive in potentially preventing a gene from becoming active and you developing a disease.  

It is believed that the reason you develop a disease or medical condition is 25% due to your genes and the rest is due to your lifestyle and environmental exposures.  

What this means is, you have the ability to impact your DNA.  Knowing more about your genes can help you to make better choices that can impact your health.  

We now live in a time where you can unlock a new era of personalized medicine that will help you evolve into a healthier, happier life.

Would you like to learn more about how to interpret your genetics?  If so, then I would encourage you to register for the upcoming Interpreting Your Genetics Summit.  There you learn more about the field of epigenetics.  This is the study of how your genes interact with your environment, stress, and other lifestyle factors and how these genes are expressed.

Whether you’ve taken a genetic test or plan to, these experts on this summit will teach you the best practices for using this information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health!

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Your host, James Maskell, has gathered world-renowned leaders from genetics, genomics and functional medicine. These pioneering experts are on the front lines interpreting data to create improved health in patients around the globe. It’s time to join the movement to know who you are, and use that information to improve your health!

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Are you wondering what you will learn?

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit will teach you about:
Your predisposition for diseases and how to minimize manifestation.
Genetic health traits your children are likely to inherit.
Whether your medications and supplements are right for you.
How to unlock previously unsolved health challenges.
And more!

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Are you tired of being tired?

Are you tired of being tired?  

There are many reasons for the way you are feeling, but there is one very important reason why you are not able to shake the brain fog, are waking up feeling like you haven’t slept and continue to struggle to get through the day.  Do you want to know what it is?  Toxins.

Like know time in history, you and I are being inundated from toxins in the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink and from the barrage of electronic and information overload.  All of this takes a toll on your physical, emotional and mental health.  

If your body is not detoxing properly you are going to be stuck.  You won’t be able to conquer that mountain and get to the other side.  So where do you begin?  You first have to start not only by taking a hard look at what you are putting in your mouth, but also focusing on your mindset.  

Now there is plenty of information about detoxing and all of the great benefits that it can give your body. There are lots of detox programs to help get you started.  However many detox programs are like many diets, they are short term and the effects don’t last.  Why is that?  Because most people don’t stick with the healthy eating habits.  Unless you change your mindset you will continue to remain stuck.  

A change in mindset means a change in lifestyle that you are going to be willing to make.  Only then can you be on the path to better health and healing.  Having said that, sometimes you need a little extra help to get you going.  You need  a jump start!

That is where doing a healthy detox plan comes in.  Now I am not talking about juice or herbal cleanses, or fasting.  I am talking about taking baby steps.  Start with a weekly goal to change one thing in your diet, exercise program (or lack thereof), or address an emotion related to a negative mindset.  Many programs never look at the emotional aspect of changing your lifestyle so that your body is working optimally to rid the daily toxins your body is exposed to.  

When you are detoxing well, you help your body get rid of toxins. Toxins impact your body on the inside as well as on the outside. All of your organs as well as your skin are affected by the toxins found in your environment and in your food and drink products. Detoxing can help eliminate a lot of problems associated with toxins, such as headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, skin irritations  and more.

There are plenty of detox plans that work great, but other ones can be dangerous, so you do need to know which one to choose. Making a detox plan for yourself depends on your goals and personal preferences.  To learn more about how you can begin, grab a free copy of my, “Detox Your Body for Better Health” today!










Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow At Home

Do you garden?  If so, have you ever thought about growing your own medicinal herb garden?

Herbs not only can add flavor to a dish, but can be used for medicinal purposes as well.  

Long before there were doctors and high-tech medications, people were growing their own herbal remedies through gardening.  This is how people would manage many of the ills, using natural remedies such as herbs.  You can grow your own herbal medicine remedies—in the garden or in pots you keep in front of the window. When you grow them in doors, you can have fresh herbs at your finger tips all year long.
Many common herbal remedies can be grown, gathered, steeped in teas, or put in ointments. Here are some herbal remedies that you can grow in the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t know how to use the herb, check with an herbalist or get a book that can show you the best ways to use these plants for their therapeutic value.  For this I would recommend:

Alchemy of Herbs:  Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal by Rosalee de la Foret
Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs:  A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use by Rosemary Gladstar

Take a look at these healing herbs.

Basil: Basil can be grown in a pot in a sunny room or on your porch. It helps people with poor appetite, flatulence, lacerations, and scrapes. It’s an annual plant but grows to a nice size for picking the leaves and using them for food or medicinal purposes.
Chamomile: Chamomile can be used as an infusion or in an ointment for topical applications. The flower heads of chamomile can help relieve tension and anxiety; it also works to ease symptoms of colic and indigestion. Topically, it helps with skin irritations and areas of inflammatory skin conditions.
Echinacea: This perennial plant makes flowers that can be used for colds or flus. It has been shown to enhance your immune system so you can fight off viruses better. Try Echinacea tea for when you’re not feeling well and down with the flu.
Feverfew: These plants have leaves and flowers that can be steeped in a tea or chewed in order to control fever, headaches, arthritis, and various skin conditions.
Johnny Jump Up: This plant has many anti-inflammatory properties so it can be used as a tea or for topical application in conditions like eczema and blemishes of the skin. Used orally, it can loosen phlegm when you have a chest cold.
Lavender: Lavender has great properties when it comes to relaxation and calming. It is used as aromatherapy for those who want some stress relief. Apply it to cuts and bruises in order to act as an antiseptic to decrease the risk of infection. 
Lemon balm: Lemon balm can be grown in a pot or in your garden. It can be used for many things, including the relief of anxiety, herpes infections, insect bites, insomnia, indigestion, and flatulence. When topically applied in an ointment, it can lead to faster healing of cold sores. 

Marigold: Marigold is good for skin conditions, such as sunburn, blemishes, acne as well as systemic conditions, such as stomach ulcers and indigestion.
Parsley:  Parsley is easily grown in an indoor garden. A healthful herb also helps in situations of bad breath or flatulence.
Peppermint: Peppermint is a great herb for gas or digestive problems. It can be made into a tasty tea that also helps people with headache pain.
Rosemary: Rosemary is an herbal remedy that helps improve mood as well as memory and concentration. It also helps ease bad breath.
Sage: Sage was used for medicinal purposes before it was used in cooking. It helps people with inflammations of the mouth and throat.
Thyme:  Thyme is a very strong antiseptic that works for people who have congestion, gas, cough, or indigestion. Steep it as a tea or take and chew its leaves.
St. John’s Wort: This herb is used in many places in Europe and the United States for the management of mild to moderate depression. It is also used for symptoms related to depression, such as insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, and fatigue. You can grow the herb yourself, using the leaves and flowers in a tea to improve your mood. 
You don’t have to have a huge herb garden. Start with a few items and build-up as you gain experience and see how you can relieve many of life’s ailments without a trip to the local pharmacy.  


Can you safely rid your body of toxins?

We live in a world today that if full of toxins in the air with breath, the food we eat and the cosmetics we put on our skin.  

So what are toxins?  Toxins and other unnatural elements are substances that may harm the body. You may not know it, but many of your lifestyle habits open the door for many of these toxic substances to enter your body. For example, eating foods rich in sugar and preservatives, being exposed to pollution, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and soda all tax your digestive track.  The biggest organ in your body takes the greatest hit and that is your liver.  Your liver is your primary detoxification organ.  The liver helps you process and eliminate toxins.  Toxins are chemicals that have harmful side effects on the body and your mind.
When your detoxification system is working properly, your body is able to effectively remove toxic and harmful substances.  This is the way for the body to get rid of all the toxins acquired from stimulants, food, and pollution.
Though the liver is your primary detoxification organ, it does not work alone. The body has a very sophisticated way to cleanse itself. Cells get detoxified in the circulatory system, and the lymphatic system. Moreover, the liver is being assisted by the kidneys and intestines, eliminating the toxins through urine and bowels. The lungs and skin also provide an outlet for these toxic materials. But when the body’s natural detox system gets overloaded with tremendous amounts of toxins, illness can arise.  Therefore, making healthy lifestyle choices and doing a healthy detox can go a long way to optimal health.  

Toxins are caused not only by foods we ingest in the body but also by the long-term effects of overeating, stress, poor health habits, and improper diet. Also, some people experience what we call intestinal toxemia. This is caused by years of overeating foods that are processed and high in fats but low in fiber. For this reason, food cannot pass through the digestive tract efficiently and can literally rot inside the body and emit toxic by-products.
So the question is, can you safely rid your body of toxins?
The simple answer is yes.  The safest way to detoxify is through healthy diet; avoiding unhealthy food and other products that may affect the filtering system of our body. Such products are trans fats, caffeine, food preservatives, additives, and alcohol. But don’t just stay away from these products, replace them with foods rich in fiber such as organic vegetables and fruits.

Fiber rich foods push the toxins out of the body. It is also good to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking water and juicing will aid in flushing away toxins from the body.
The body needs to detox and this can only be achieved through having a proper and disciplined lifestyle. Most detox programs concentrate on doing a short-term cleanse.  This does not lead to long term success.

If you don’t address certain unhealthy lifestyle habits it is doubtful that a short-term cleanse will have much impact.  That is why I developed a program that helps take you step by step to eliminating bad habits and replacing them with healthier lifestyle habits.  

Are you ready to learn how to detox your body and your mind?  If so, I have developed a 30 day step by step plan to help you.  In the Detox Your Body & Mind Program you can begin to take steps to cleaning up your diet, along with those things that create stress not only on your body, but also your mind.  

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Have you wondered if doing a detox can give you more energy?

So many people today are chronically fatigued.  

Fatigue is what happens when you go beyond simply feeling tired. But fatigue never just happens out of the blue. There’s always a reason that you become drained of energy.
One of the biggest reasons that people become fatigued is because their body becomes too filled with the things that bog it down, zap its energy and make it hard for it to function like it should. Does this sound like you?
You don’t have to stay that way, though. Living day to day in a state of fatigue isn’t something that you have to do. If you want to stop the fatigue and have better health, then one of the things that you can do is to detox your body.  I like to do a detox in the spring and fall.  

We are exposed to so many things in the air with breath, the food we eat, what we drink and the stress we encounter on a daily basis.  

When you go through a detox system, you’ll gain the energy back that you lost. The reason that you’ll gain back your energy is because you’ll be getting rid of the things in your body that create obstacles for it to operate at its full potential.  This can have a significant impact on your body and mind.
Most people don’t realize that they’re setting themselves up to reach a state of fatigue. They go about their lives and it seems the fatigue just creeps in over time. 
The things that you do and the things that you consume will impact both your physical and mental energy. But when you go through a detox, what you’re doing is cleansing away the things that are zapping your energy.  

Are you chronically fatigued?

Can a detox give you more energy?  
It can when a detox process is done right.  Many detox programs put you through a fast, but do nothing to help the stress on your mind.  In order to fill better long term it is important to address both.  
The things that go into your body and cloud your mind build up.  Every part of your body is affected by what you eat, and feel.  Toxins in the world are all around you.
You breathe in toxins every day and are probably not even aware of how much you do breathe in these things that rob you of energy. These toxins build up in your organs, in the tissues of your body, in the muscles and in the bloodstream.
Because your bloodstream brings blood to your organs, that’s how they become affected. These toxins enter into various areas of your body and they begin to weigh you down.  
When you use a detox system and get rid of these toxins, you restore the right balance to your body. You’ll gain stamina and strength as well as feel better all over.

Have you had enough of feeling fat, tired, and depressed?  Are you longing for a good night’s sleep?  What would your life be like if you lost weight, had more energy, felt happy and got rid of the belly bloat?  What would that feel like?  Would you enjoy life more?  There is a way you can jump start this process, if you know where to begin. 

Over the last several weeks I have been putting together a program to help you.  I want you to have control of your health.  I want you to have have more energy, experience more joy, get a good night’s sleep and enjoy life.

In the Detox Your Body & Mind in 30 Days Program, I’ll guide you through the steps to help jump start your way to better health and healing.  You will be provided with a detail plan with specific actions to cleanse your body and mind.

To learn more about this program, I have put together a video for you.  Watch Here

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Is Your Thyroid The Reason Why You Feel Bad?

There’s something I need to share with you.  As a nurse practitioner, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen patients that know there is something wrong with them, have seen many doctors to only be told their is nothing wrong with them.  Is your thyroid the reason why you feel bad?

If you’re going through each and every day feeling like you won’t be able to take another step or wondering if you’ll have enough energy to make it through the day, you could be suffering from a thyroid condition.  

Before you say, “wait, no way!” let’s look at some hard truths.  

Approximately 30% of the population will get a thyroid related condition in their lifetimes.  Women are 5 to 8 times more likely than men to suffer from a thyroid condition.  They won’t ever know what’s making them so sick because they were told, there is nothing wrong.  Could you be one of them?  In fact, approximately 20 million Americans are walking around with a serious thyroid condition… and almost 60% of them don’t even know it!

Thyroid disease and it’s many different types and conditions is far, far more common than you might think – and it’s one of the most often misdiagnosed medical conditions on the planet. Furthermore, the treatments offered by conventional medicine are seriously lacking as pharmacist, Dr. Isabella Wentz found out when she developed Hashimoto’s that attacked her body as a young woman.  Due to her courageous quest to find answers for herself, she has now managed to help thousands.  There are solutions that no one really knows about- I want to change that.  You deserve to have answers.  

Are you you suffering from unexplained weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, dry skin, constipation, depression, cold intolerance, joint or muscle pain, hair loss, thinning eyebrows, brain fog, infertility or even high cholesterol?  These are just some of the symptoms that can be due to an underlying thyroid condition.  

There is hope!

In the upcoming Thyroid Secret docuseries, Dr. Wentz will share her story and that of others.  You will also hear what you can do.  There is hope.  Even if you’ve never even considered the idea that you might have a thyroid problem, I urge you to take a minute and watch the trailer to this explosive new documentary.

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Break the cycle of autoimmune pain!


Do you or someone you love suffer from an autoimmune disease?  Do you fear you may have an autoimmune disease that has not been diagnosed?  

Autoimmune diseases and the physical, chemical and emotional pain they create impacts millions around the world. The primary way doctors treat these diseases is to prescribe immune suppressing drugs. Unfortunately, this approach has failed to achieve a meaningful outcome and has created an even greater health crisis–what Dr. Peter Osborne calls “The Prescription Pain Trap”–which you will learn more about during this important event, the Autoimmune Revolution.  

Dr. Osborne created The Autoimmune Revolution to help you prevent and reverse autoimmune pain. It’s time to achieve greater health and improved happiness so you can break the cycle of pain and start living again!

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  • Breaking the cycle of medications and dependency on allopathic treatments

The Autoimmune Revolution is online and free from January 30 – February 6, 2017!

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6 Ways to Keep From Getting Sick This Flu Season

Every wonder why some people never get sick during flu season?

Do you wonder why you never make it through the flu season without getting sick?  Some people seem to be ill all the time, and pick up every bug that’s going. 

Every year thousands of people come down with the flu. This season be proactive.  Look at what is stressing you out and wearing your immune system down.  To help understand why you are getting sick, you first want to learn the six reasons that will increase your chances of getting sick in the first place.  Once you know what these are, you can help your immune system keep you well this flu season.

Remember if you do get sick it is important to stay home, rest, and wash your hands so you don’t make others around you sick.  

In some case you may need to see your health practitioner and get a full checkup to be sure that there is not something serious causing you to be ill more than the average person is.

Keep in mind that it is not simple luck that some are very healthy, while you seem to catch something every other month. There are some well-researched reasons as to why some people get ill much more often than others do.  

So let’s take a look at ways to keep you well this flu season.  


A poor diet will lower your immunity.  There are so many sayings around about healthy eating, such as ‘you are what you eat’; this has never been truer. Your body needs a well-balanced, healthy diet that provides all the essential food groups and vitamins. Without this, your body cannot function effectively and fight any infections away. It is important to know consume organic whole foods.  Consuming processed foods and sugars will make you tired, create inflammation and is more likely to make you sick.  So any small bug that comes your way can quickly and easily be fought off without it turning into an illness with a healthy diet.

Sleep Deprivation

Quite simply, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will become ill. Sleep enables the body to rest and recover, and without this, it will be unable to function properly. During sleep, the immune system produces proteins that fight inflammation and disease. When you are sick or stressed, your body needs even more of these proteins; without sleep, your body simply cannot make enough to fight the infection.

While sleep deprivation leads to increased illnesses like colds and flu, it has been shown to have much more harmful and long lasting effects. Conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes have all been linked to sleep deprivation. 


Stress is a normal part of living and in fact in small doses, it can be healthy. However, when we become too stressed for too long, our health is significantly affected. Research has repeatedly shown that chronic stress directly affects our immune system, weakening it and making us much more susceptible to illnesses.

Stress directly contributes to minor illnesses, but also much more serious conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Too much stress is also linked to sleep deprivation – how many times have you not been able to sleep because you have too much on your mind that you worrying or stressing about? In short, too much stress is very bad for our health. To help lessen your stress try things such as yoga, meditation, slow deep breathing exercises and taking time just to relax.

Nutrients and Vitamins

While all vitamins and nutrients are important, some are especially good at fighting off infection and illnesses. Magnesium in particular, helps us to manage stress, and react to situations. When we are stressed, unwell or sometimes even just cold, we are using up our stores of magnesium. Unless this is replaced, we will be running low and therefore more likely to get ill.

Similarly, vitamin D is essential for many basic functions, and it is much harder to get sufficient levels in the winter. Vitamin C is an essential component to the immune system, and without it, you will be much more likely to get ill. If you are not getting enough vitamins and other necessary nutrients through your daily diet, consider taking a supplement to ensure you are more able to fight any illness that comes your way. If you do start to feel like your coming down with something you can get started on various remedies such as Unda, Mushroom Formula, Zinc, Elderberry, or a Blend of these. 


Many people not consuming enough water.  Get rid of the soda and the lattes and start drinking water. Every part of our body depends on a sufficient amount of water to function correctly. Without enough water, vital organs and muscles will struggle. Each day we lose a large quantity of water through our bowels, sweating, and urinating. Imagine how dry and sore your throat would be without any moisture or water.

Dehydration happens when you are not replacing lost fluids adequately, and your body starts to struggle. It may not seem like a big problem at first, as the symptoms are similar to that of a mild cold or headache. However, dehydration can become life threatening if left long enough. 


Are you a workaholic? Do you work much more than you rest or relax? Is work always your first and foremost priority? This can well contribute to being run down.  When you are run down you are more susceptible to illness.  

Bottom Line

There is no magic to wellness; it really is all about self-care. It takes effort to maintain a high level of good health, but you are well worth it!  

To learn more ways to stay healthy get your copy of Seeds 4 Change:  A Path to Health and Healing.


Breast Cancer – What You Should Know

Likely you know someone who has had breast cancer.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In honor of the women and even men that have had breast cancer let’s look at some ways to lower the risk.  Walking for a cure is great, but don’t you want to know how you can possibly prevent breast cancer from happening at all?

Why should you care?

Because it is estimated that in the United State alone in 2016, according to the Susan G Komen Organization, that there will be 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 61,000 new cases of in situ breast cancer in women.  There is estimated to be 2,600 new cases of men diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  So as you can see, this is not a disease exclusive to women.

Tips that may lessen your risk:

Eat organic whole food.  Processed foods and sugars lead to inflammation in the body.  

Get your Vitamin D level checked.  Studies have shown that women who have breast cancer, when they optimize there Vitamin D, have greater survival rates.  Optimal levels of Vitamin D are between 50-75.

Use safe skincare products and makeup that do not contain hormone disrupting chemicals known as xenoestrogens.  Beautycounter is an excellent option here.  

Address the stress!  Stress is at the root of every disease.  Many who suffer from breast cancer likely had some significant emotional stress within 5 years of their diagnosis.  

Exercise.  We all know that exercise is important.  Did you know it helps boost your immune system and moves lymphatic fluid in your body?  Be sure not to overexercise though as this can be pro-inflammatory.

Limit alcohol consumption.  Alcohol can have an added estrogenic affect.  

Do monthly self-breast exam.  You know your breast best.  If you feel something has changed, get it checked out with your healthcare provider.

To learn more about cancer prevention and treatment, get your hands on the Truth About Cancer Series.




Does your mood change with the weather?


Can you believe summer is winding down?

It won’t be long until the days get shorter. With that for many comes a lowering of mood and depression. If this is you, dealing with the blues does not mean you have to settle for being depressed the next several months or resort to taking a pill.

While conventional anti-depression drugs provide an effective way of treating depression, it is by no means the single treatment. There are a host of natural healing methods that are considered safe and effective in improving mood and altering and lifting your mood to help you avoid the blues.

Tips to Help Lift Your Mood

Exercise to boost your mood

Exercising literally pumps you up because it releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins that interacts with your brain receptors and diminish the perception of pain. Much like morphine, endorphins suppress pain by triggering a feeling of happiness and a positive outlook.

Doing just 30-minutes routine moderate aerobic exercise at least three times a week can be effective in alleviating symptoms of depression. Those who maintain their exercise routine even after being treated for depression are less likely to return to a depressed state.

Eat Healthy

Depression tends to disrupt normal eating habits, pushing those who suffer the symptoms of depression to either overeat or starve themselves. Taking control of your eating habits does not only keep your body nourished, it also restores a certain sense of control over your life, which also in part relieves your state of depression.

Did you know that up to 90% of your serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter is produced in your gut? It makes sense then that eating a healthy diet will impact your mood. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as in wild salmon, folate rich foods such as avocado and spinach can help relieve depression by restoring chemical balance in the brain and nervous system.

Meditate To Relax

Much of the anxiety, stress and symptoms of depression that you experience can be relieved by giving yourself some time to relax and clear our mind. Meditation enables deep relaxation by clearing the mind of distracting thoughts and focusing on proper and deep breathing. It alter your state of consciousness.

Meditating on a daily basis is a good anti-depression practice because it helps you to let go of stressful thoughts, focus your attention on the here and now and cultivate an attitude of acceptance and openness, which could also help relieve depression and the negative feelings associated with it.

Do Yoga

Although most yoga techniques also involves meditation, yoga promotes an added incentive of exercising the body to improve balance, strength and flexibility while also practicing proper breathing techniques to help clear the mind and focus.

As a whole, yoga works to align the spine, invigorates the nervous system, improves blood circulation, promotes mental clarity, reduce stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation and emotional well-being. It provides a potent way of alleviating symptoms of depression.

Get Enough Sleep

Being in a state of depression can lead to an altered sleeping habit and makes getting enough sleep feel like a tiring battle. Unfortunately, being sleep deprived can heighten your depression and make matters worse.

If you have poor sleeping patterns, try to ensure that you get enough shut-eye when you need it. Try going to bed and getting up a specific time every day to encourage your biological clock to cooperate. Remove all the stuff that are distracting you from sleeping such as TV, computer or even your mobile phone. Whenever you can, try to also take a nap during the day to relax and feel rejuvenated.  This works for some people but not everyone.  Just know if this works for you or not.

Take Anti-Depression Herbal Supplements

If you need extra help with boosting your mood their are some supplements that may help. It is best to get the guidance of a trained health professional before doing. There may be reasons why you should not take a given supplement as they could interact with other medications or supplements you are taking.

To learn more about supplements, I would encourage you to sign up for the upcoming Supplement Summit where you can learn to sort out the confusion, risks and benefits of supplement use.

Have A Massage

Touch therapy promotes relaxation and uplifts our mind and spirit. Specific massage modalities such as Swedish, Shiatsu and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi promotes relaxation and healing. The use of aromatic oils and music that promotes relaxation during massage provides a holistic experience to deal with the blues.

These natural healing remedies for depression work well to complement whatever medication or psychotherapy session you may be undertaking to help you improve your mood, promote emotional healing and come out triumphant in your bout with depression.

A Couple of Last Tips

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, blue light therapy can be an effective addition to your daily life. Keep one at work and one at home. If can help lift your mood.

Make sure your Vitamin D level is adequate. I recommend getting this checked and strive for a Vitamin D level between 50-75.

May your days be sunny and bright!

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