Food Sensitivity Testing is the number one test, patients ask me for.  I have done this one test on thousands of people.   This one test can get you on the right path to health and healing.  

Reasons people do this test is because they are suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. Symptom complaints can include things such as: chronic fatigue, brain fog, unexplained rashes, irritable bowel (constipation, diarrhea or both), gas, bloating, acid reflux, headaches, migraines, joint pain, weight issues, hormone imbalances, depression, sleep issues and more.

I have had many parents ask me to do this test on their children.  Why?  Because their young children are suffering from many of the symptoms I mentioned as well.  They have been to doctor to doctor and have no answers.

Why have so many people developed food sensitivities?  Wondering if you have a food sensitivity?  You may find this shocking, but everyone has food sensitivities… is just a matter how much they are affecting you. 

Now for the why….

Food sensitivities are epidemic.  One can speculate as to why this is.  There is strong scientific evidence that some of the reasons why may include: pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified foods, too much sugar, processed foods and additives.

Why does this one test help so much?  Because the gut is the epicenter to your health.  If you don’t have a healthy gut, your overall health will be compromised at some point.  You can do lots of things to improve your health, including a healthy diet, but if you are sensitive to the foods you are consuming, your symptoms may not go away.

If you take away the foods that are creating inflammation and destroying your immune system and gut health, you can begin to heal.  Ultimately you can begin to feel better and quit being so reactive to so many foods.

To learn more, CLICK HERE to read my free report:  Is Your Food Making You Sick?

If you know others that are suffering as well, please pass this report on to them.

P.S.  If you want to do the test, you can email me or you can schedule a free 15 minute discovery call by clicking here.


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