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30 Day Challenge to Thriving & Surviving Menopause


30 Day Challenge to Thriving and Surviving Menopause

Attention All Women:  Are you feeling fat, tired, hot, irritable, depressed, can’t sleep and lost your sex drive?  Then this is for you…..

Finally:  The Precise Strategies You Need to Start Thriving, Rather Than Just Suriving Menopause.  It Is Time To Get Your Life Back!  Reclaim Your Energy, Get Rid Of Your Hot Flashes, Improve Your Mood And Sleep, And Rediscover Your Libido.

So if you are a woman age 35-60,  and you feel like your hormones are out of whack, this program is for you.   The 30 Day Menopause Relief Challenge is an online self guided program to help you reclaim your energy, get rid of your hot flashes, improve your mood, sleep and rediscover your libido.

In this program you will learn the six root causes that are keeping you from thriving, rather then surviving menopause.  You will develop your own menopause survivor guide and get off the hormone roller coaster ride once and for all.  Only $97! 

8 Super Bonuses!

Detox Your Body for Better Hormone Balance

Herbs and Spices to Boost Health During Menopause

Insomnia Cures Without Medication

Lead By Example

Lost Libido

Meditation for Relaxation

Steps to Reducing Stress and Promoting Better Hormone Balance

Stress Reducing Meditation


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