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Are you suffering from heartbreaking digestive issues like Mary?

Do you feel like the Mary?  If so, then keep reading.  Now this is not her real name, but Mary is one of the many patients I have cared for over the last several years.  Mary used to be plagued with heartbreaking digestive issues. She came to me in a state of unbelievable pain because every single thing she ate inflamed her organs.
Mary had been to numerous health practitioners looking for answers.  She also had several tests done with the gastroenterologist (GI doc) along with countless blood tests.  She had been tried on several medications, but they did nothing to relieve her pain and bloating. 

After our initial consultation, I had a pretty good idea how to help Mary. I counseled her on digestive issues, leaky gut, food intolerances, the elimination diet, detoxification and numerous other critical issues.  Not something she had heard from any of the other practitioners she had seen.

She was relieved I was not going to put her on yet another medication.  That I cared enough to listen.  I mean really listen to her and not give her a quick fix.  That I was not about to treat symptoms, but to look for the root cause with a whole different approach.
Mary spent weeks following my guidance.  Much of what I taught Mary I will teach you in my upcoming webinar, “Fix Your Gut, Save Your Life”.  Mary was able to discover exactly which foods fuel her body, and which foods inflame her body.
The most ironic part? One of her food intolerances was something she ate on a daily basis! Why? Because it’s considered a huge health food! The unfortunate reality was that despite it being a healthy food, nuts were wreaking havoc on her body.  For others this food can be spinach, tea, strawberries or peppers.  It can be foods you crave.  
Mary was so relieved to have an answer.  By making some simple changes to her diet her gut health began to improve.  Mary started to feel better.  If you want to know how to fix your gut, then join me for the “Fix Your Gut, Save Your Life” live webinar on Thursday, January 10th at 6PM Mountain (7PM Central).  Click Here to Register Now!
Mary is just one of hundreds of patients I’ve counseled over the course of my career…and one of the hundreds whose life has been transformed as a result of just listening to you and your story.  Just the acting of listening, will provide me with the clues needed to guide you.  During this live webinar I will also be sharing more information with you on what functional medicine is all about along with detail on my upcoming Heal Your Gut Program.   

Are you are suffering from:

  • unshakeable weight gain
  • inflammation
  • auto-immune disease
  • hormonal imbalance
  • chronic illness
  • belly bloat
  • poor sleep
  • depression and irritability

If this sounds like your story or someone you know that would benefit then I would encourage you to register for the “Fix Your Gut, Save Your Life” webinar:  Join Here!

Don’t suffer another day.  Don’t walk into another medical appointment only to come out feeling frustrated and hopeless.  
Everything you need to succeed could well be right at your fingertips.  During this webinar I will be telling you about my upcoming small group program.  This is a great way to work with me for a very small investment.  Think what you have already spent in medical bills.  You and the quality of your life are worth it.  Don’t miss this webinar. 

Can’t wait to get started?  You can check out all the details about the Heal Your Gut Program:  Click here to join now!
Space is limited for this program and there is a very limited early bird special introductory rate.  Start off the new year with hope that there is something you can do to start feeling better. 
Will I see your name on the list today? I’m ready to help you heal your gut and reclaim your health and vitality!


Are you suffering from heartbreaking digestive issues like Mary?

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