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CBD Oil – What You Need To Know

Did you know not all CBD Oils are created equal?

Neither did I, that is until recently.  Over the last few years I have had several of my patients ask me about taking CBD Oil.  What is a good brand?  How much should I take?  Will it help with x, y, or z condition?  Though I felt CBD could be helpful, I only had limited knowledge and information on any specific brands to recommend or dosing.  Nor did I understand how it worked fully.  

Now, after years of patients and family asking me about CBD oil companies and use I have not only a better understanding of how CBD works, how it can help my patients, but also a brand I can confidently recommend to them. Watch the video above, where I share with you what I have learned and what you need to know when choosing a CBD oil.

When you look on the internet at many companies offering CBD Oil it is hard to get a clear picture on the purity and quality along with third party independent testing.  Each company claims they are the only one that does this or that.  Well that is not true.  So what do you do?  Pick one and hope it is good.  

Recently I spoke with a practitioner, who was like me, her patients were also asking for recommendations on using CBD.  So she really delved into looking at these companies and how they produce and manufacture their CBD products and found out they are not all created equal.  Many use the parts of the plant that would normally be used for making clothing and paper out of hemp; the stems and the leaves.  Some are imported from China.

Here is what this practitioner shared with me when looking at four companies I asked her about:

Company 1: This brand uses a water soluble delivery system. There isn’t much research to support their claims of higher bioavailability and higher absorption. CBD oil is best absorbed in fat – and the higher fat content, the better the absorption. 

Company 2: While they claim to use organic hemp, they aren’t certified organic. They also advertise “industrial grade” hemp – which is low quality. It means they use the “leftover” parts of the plant – stems, stalks and seeds. (The flower is the part you want – industrial is better for fabrics and paper). They also use high heat for their extraction- you want low temp/subcritical CO2 extraction.

Company 3: Again- a water soluble product. They use organic ingredients, but not certified organic

Company 4: They have a proprietary delivery system – but that could mean almost anything. It doesn’t give any information on how the CBD is extracted, and no mention of organic ingredients. This company also reports using “aerial parts” to source their CBD….this is another term that means “industrial grade” – the leftover stems, stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. 

Please note that you will find various opinions on CBD.  The decision is ultimately yours to make.  Now I am going to tell you which company I chose to partner with and why.  But before I do, read the following disclaimer.

Medical Disclaimer.  Green Compass Global does not make medical claims. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information is for general information purposes only. As with any health product, consult your physician.

Why Green Compass CBD Oil?

Green Compass CBD Oil is farm to table organically grown and uses the flowering part of plant.

To enhance delivery into the body, the Green Compass Full Spectrum Hemp is placed in organic MCT (coconut) oil.  For flavoring they only use stevia and essential oils.  They offer a THC Free version, called an isolate and one that with trace amounts of THC at 0.3%.  This is what is legally allowed according to the farm bill passed December, 2018.  You want to look for a full spectrum CBD Oil because you will be getting the benefits of other phytocannabinoids.  However more so with the one with the THC, but if you have to worry about random drug screens, you want to go with THC free to be safe.  

Now the practitioner that told me about Green Compass shared with me how they met her expectations.  This is what convinced me that this was the right company for me to recommend to my patients as well.

Green Compass CBD Oil is: 

Organically Grown – “Farm To Table”

The family that has owned the organic farm for 6 generations grows their hemp, farms their fields, and handles their product from seed to bottle. In addition, they only use the flower of the plant – the most delicate but highest quality part of the plant for their CBD. They sell the “aerial parts” to other companies for textile purposes.

Carrier Oil – Organic MCT

The higher the fat content of the carrier oil, the better absorption based on all current research. Coconut oil has the highest fat percentage content, and is the only carrier used in Green Compass’s human product line. Since dogs and other animals have a hard time with MCT, those CBD oils use organic hemp oil.

Full Spectrum and Isolate options

Many companies only have isolate or broad spectrum – the research shows Full Spectrum is most effective….for people whose jobs require zero THC on drug screens, the Isolate is the next best option.

Subcritical CO2 extraction

Low temperatures (the long, hard way) CO2 extraction is used to preserve the quality of the CBD.

No “natural flavors” or other ingredients

Only organic essential oils are used for flavoring.

Third Party Testing

Every bottle of our products have a QR code that directly links to that batch’s quality testing. Always up-to-date – and the highest quality oil with no contaminants,

If you know someone who may benefit from this information, feel free to share this information with them.

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CBD Oil – What You Need To Know

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