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Detoxing Your Body and Mind: Why is it important?

There are many detox programs out there, but are they the right thing for you to do?

Before answering that, first let’s look at what detoxing means.  Detoxifying is the method of cleansing or ridding the body of excess toxins and other elements that may harm it. Because detoxification eliminates toxins in the body, it may also help to improve your resistance to diseases, improve mental state, digestion, and health. It also aids in buffering the effects of sudden weight loss or gain. When your body is able to detox effectively you are likely to have more energy, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Your body is constantly detoxing, but how well you detox will have an impact on the health of both your body and your mind.  Given the amount of toxins in environment and foods today it is more important then ever that you life a life that promotes healthy detoxification. 

There are different levels of detoxification. Detoxification can be performed physically, which is usually done through several methods, but it can also be done mentally.  In fact, you cannot successfully do one without the other. 

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Physically, detoxification is the process of cleaning the body.  Flushing away the toxins that might bring illness, damage, and other disease that can impair the body. Naturally, our body cleanses itself through our lymphatic system, blood circulation, kidneys, liver and lungs. But because of the toxins that we get from foods, such as unhealthy fats, sugar, additives, preservatives and caffeine, the body’s ability to eliminate all of them overloads your system. Thus, it cause toxins to build up and increase your risk of disease. This is the very reason why detoxification programs were thought of. Certain programs and products like detox diet, detox foot baths, infared sauna, detox body cleansers, and body detox plans all aim to clean the body and remove unwanted substances. Detoxification processes are helpful in preventing sickness and clearing out all the toxins in it. Detoxification processes are helpful in preventing body degeneration and rejuvenating it. 

A word of warning though, never begin any detox program without first consulting your health care provider.  I would also advise against harsh, and aggressive detox programs.  

Although physical detoxification is great, it is not enough. You also want to cleanse or detoxify your mind and cross out all the negative thoughts in your life when possible. Cleansing the mind and purifying it can improve your physical and mental well-being. In fact, many people who support detox diets say that emotional stress is the reason why toxins do not properly leave the body during waste elimination. It causes more stress and can make your brain sluggish. Light detoxification can also enhance your view on life. Taking out all the negatives and being optimistic allows you the opportunity to accept different beliefs and have an open mind. It can also help you to think more clearly.  Counseling from a therapist can help you work on your mindset to keep you on track to reaching your goal.  

So why is it important to detox your body and mind?  Because, when your body and mind and toxic you are more apt to suffer from headaches, hormone imbalances, nausea, fatigue, stress, insomnia, acne, anxiety, depression and joint pain and more. This toxic load can also block and slow down the delivery of oxygen and nutrients that are needed by all parts of the body. Since the brain is the largest consumer of oxygen, it is apt to feel the effects of this toxic load first.  This can manifest as fatigue, headaches, brain fog, mood changes, and insomnia.  Getting rid of all these toxins through detoxification is a wonderful way for the body and mind to be purified.

Learning how to begin to cleanse your body and mind is not easy, particularly in today’s world, but it is now impossible.  Purifying the body from all the harmful substances in it needs discipline, determination, and commitment. If you would like to learn more about how you can start detoxing your body for better health, then grab this free guide:  CLICK HERE

Detoxing Your Body and Mind: Why is it important?

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