Free Discovery Call

Free Discovery Call

Wondering if working with Path to Health and Healing is right for you?  

  • Are you ready to take real action when it comes to your health and wellness?
  • Are you ready to get to the root cause and not just manage symptoms?
  • Are you looking for a practitioner that will listen to your health concerns to determine if this is the right approach for you?
  • Is this your first contact with Path to Health and Healing and are wondering how we can serve you?

If you answered “YES” to the above questions, then Laura would be happy to get on the phone with you for a FREE 20 minute consultation.

Scheduling Your Free Discovery Call

Now that you have made this important decision in your health journey, start by scheduling your call.

Once you have selected a time for your call you will receive a confirmation.  Laura will then call you at the time you selected.

How to prepare for your call:

  • Write down your biggest health concern you are interested in getting help with.
  • What is your health goal and why?
  • What has that health concern cost you up to this point?  What have you tried? 
  • What questions do you have about working with a functional medicine practitioner?

After hearing your concerns and answering your questions, Laura will provide you with options based on your health goals and how she may support you further.

Book Your Free Discovery Call Here Now!