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Functional Medicine Practice…..What things look like one year later

Once you see the benefits of functional medicine, there is no turning back. 

You are driven to find answers that are going to help people get well.  You become consumed with it, learning everything you possibly can.  Anyone that practices functional medicine is definitely a lifelong learner.  

This passion leads many health practitioners to leave the conventional model of practicing medicine at some point.  Just like I did a year ago.  There are many reasons why this happens.  One of the main reasons, I believe, is to have more time with patients.  To hear their story and to provide individualized medicine.  To ask why and get to the root cause.  To get away from the pill for every ill mentality.  This is certainly is as true for me now as it was a year ago.  The passion to help others has not waiver.  

I always have said there are 4 people in the exam room when you go to see your health practitioner.  There is you (the patient), your healthcare provider, the government, and the insurance company.  The later too are a necessary part of life, but healthcare today has become more catastrophic care.  

You get maybe 5-10 minutes with your provider.  Given the increasing insurance premiums and out of pocket costs, what value are you getting?  Don’t blame the providers.  It is a broken system.  Many of us chose to leave the broken system and not take insurance so we can truly practice the art of health and healing.  I have so appreciated having reclaimed this time with my patients over the past year since starting my virtual health practice.

To hear more about why I practice functional medicine, watch this video: CLICK HERE.

If you are frustrated that you are not getting the answers you need, and tired of paying high deductibles and co-pays, I may be able to help. Sadly many put up with “what the insurance will cover” and go through life never getting well, while spending thousands on medical visits and prescription drugs.  What if you could invest that money in “health care” and not “sick care” by spending 60-90 minutes with a functional practitioner?  What if you could get to the root cause?

Watch the video and then if you want to see if functional medicine is right for you, email me at or schedule an appointment today.  Appointments are virtual and you can attend from the comfort of your home.

Entrusting your care with me is something I do not take lightly.  I appreciate you being here and allowing me a moment of your precious time to share with you ways to help you get to the root cause of your health challenges.  If you are not yet part of the Path to Health and Healing Facebook Group, please be sure and join here now.  This is a great place to get more information on natural ways to take charge of your health, ask questions and share your experiences with the group.

So one year later, my goal is to continue to serve you the best that I can through my emails, blog, Facebook group, group coaching programs, or one-on-one consultations.  

Take care and thank you for allowing me into your world.

Functional Medicine Practice…..What things look like one year later

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