If this is your first time working with a functional medicine nurse practitioner, you may be wondering what to expect.

Your initial consultation with Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C will last 60-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of your condition. A thorough medical history will be obtained.

Laura is going to give you the time to tell your story. Being heard and having your symptoms validated is key to your healing journey success.

You will be asked about your medical concerns, what workup you have previously completed, review any labs available, and what treatments you have tried. We will explore how stress, diet, environment and more have impacted your current state of health along your life timeline.

Knowing your health goal is vital to understanding your reasons for seeking care and your motivation to invest in your health.

At the end of your consultation, you will be presented with a plan of action.  This will include lifestyle recommendations and additional functional diagnostic testing that can help identify root cause triggers when necessary.

Your care will be individualized.  Each patients functional health plan is unique to meet your individualized need.  No “cookie cutter approach”. Your functional medicine health practitioner takes a great deal of time before and after your consultation reviewing and developing a comprehensive plan of care specific to your needs.

At the end of of your visit, you will be advised on follow-up visits and will also have an option to sign up for our affordable cost effective, comprehensive 6-9 months programs and other packages to achieve your health goals based on the nurse practitioner’s recommendations. All these are personalized and tailored to your needs.

How To Prepare for Your First Visit

Please note when scheduling that all appointments are in Mountain Time.  So adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Once you book your new patient appointment with us, we will send an email invite for you to register for our Patient Portal which is secure and HIPAA-compliant. Here you can safely fill out your New Patient Questionnaires and read and sign Consent Forms.  If you don’t see this important email within 30 minutes of scheduling your appointment, please be sure to check your spam or junk email folder.

You will be reminded of your upcoming appointments through email.  Make sure you have a valid email address.

All payments are due at the time of visit.  We do accept credit and debit cards.  You may also use your HSA card.

We do enforce cancellation charges, and this amount will go towards the cancelled new patient appointments without 24 hours notice in the amount of 50% of the cost of the initial appointment fee.

  • All new patients are required to fill their New Patient Questionnairesand Consent Forms through the Patient Portal before their visit. These questionnaires are lengthy, and take time to complete.  If you are unable to access it through the patient portal, let us know by contacting us at pathtohealthandhealing@gmail.com.
  • Please give yourself adequate time before your initial consultation to complete all the required forms as the practitioner will want to review prior to your visit.
  • If you have recent blood work, diagnostic or other tests that you would like Laura to review, these can be uploaded into your Patient Portal or faxed to us at 855-803-3490.

We highly recommend that you create a list of all of your medications with accurate dosages and all of your current supplements with their brand names and why you are taking them and record those in your New Patient Intake Form/Questionnaire.  It is also important to have those on hand at your first visit for review.

Pricing and Additional Benefits

One-On-One Consultation Fees:

New Patient Consultation (60-90) minutes   $275

60-Minute Appointment                               $200

45-Minute Appointment                               $150

30-Minute Appointment                               $100


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Additional Patient Benefits

  • Ulta Lab Discount Pricing
  • Functional Medicine Lab Discount Pricing
  • 10% Off Supplements in Our Fullscript Online Dispensary
  • Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75 When Using Online Dispensary

One-On-One consultations are limited to residents of Colorado and Iowa as this is where Laura is licensed to practice.  If you live in another state, a face-to-face in person consultations will be required to establish care.

Now if you are ready to commit to your health, and are tired of being told there is nothing wrong with you, Laura is ready to listen and help you find your path to health and healing.  Start by booking your appointment below.

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DIY Programs

There are DIY Programs available to you no matter where you live to help you detox your body, heal your gut and balance your hormones.  Complete at your own pace.  Prices vary.  You can check out all Laura’s DIY program by clicking here now.

Testimonials From Patients

LeAnn T.  “Laura made me feel supported, cared about, listened to….”

I approached Laura Dankof because I was dealing with an undiagnosed hormonal issue and a gut infection.  Honestly, I had a complete workup done by a well-known hospital and they were not able to find anything and left me feeling like it was all in my head and told me stay on the PILL and not to change anything!  I had a substantial weight gain that I could not get rid of despite eating healthy and exercising.  My hair was falling out, I was not sleeping, I felt sluggish, tired, angry, and sick!  I was a mess.

Laura had helped me by diagnosing exactly what was wrong with me.  I had estrogen dominance and a gut infection.  The first thing she told me was to get off the pill!!!!  She gave me a specific plan that was tailored to me individually and I really felt like she was listening to what I was telling her.  I was not a number or “that complaining patient” or “it’s all in her had patient”.  She looked at the root cause of my illness and was able to put me on a path to reclaim my health!  I can not express the impact this has had on me.  After doing western medicine for 20 years with the same response of “that’s all we can do for you”, I have finally found a practitioner that got to the root of my illness!!  It really is life changing!!!!!

Laura made me feel supported, cared about, listened to, and gave me all the tools I needed to take care of myself holistically.  I feel empowered and excited about my health!!

Laura provided me with everything I needed to help my body heal from information about my hormonal issues to resources to better medication/supplement that supported my body.

I am most grateful for begin able to work with Laura Dankof because her knowledge is extensive, and she is a top-notch practitioner.  I cannot express enough that if you are a woman and feel your hormones may be out of balance, make an appointment with Laura, she will help you!!!  I am a BSN RN that has worked in medicine for the last 10 years and she is the first practitioner that looked at the root cause of my illness and has been able to help heal my body rather than slap a band aid on it and hope that it helps!!!

Jolene W.  “My sister spoke highly of Laura and recommended I schedule an appointment with her, and I’m so glad I did!”

I approached Laura when I was having an array of symptoms and medical problems.  I had seen countless Doctors, Specialists, and even some Naturopathic physicians.  I had been through a couple of hospitalizations and misdiagnoses, and had been put on medications that were doing more harm than good. I was struggling with my health and after everything I had been through, I found it difficult to trust healthcare providers altogether.

My sister spoke highly of Laura and recommended I schedule an appointment with her, and I’m so glad I did! Laura took the time to thoroughly listen to my story.  She recommended testing that would give her further information to help find the root cause of my symptoms, instead of jumping to conclusions.  Laura was easy to trust because she listened to my concerns, and put care and thought into the medications/supplements she prescribed (for example, she helped me find a supplement that helped enormously with gallbladder pain). She has a great understanding of Autoimmune Disease, and has provided helpful resources related to my complex medical issues.

I’m so appreciative of the help and support I’ve received and continue to receive from Laura; she is extremely compassionate and easy to work with. Most of all, I am grateful for all of her hard work in helping me work towards healing!  Thank You.

Teri.  “Laura Dankof is your #1 choice!”

If you are looking for a medical partner that really listens, then Laura Dankof is your #1 choice.  I have never felt rushed and she asks good questions to help get to the bottom of my issue.  She discussed alternative ideas and I’m happy with what treatment techniques we landed on.  I am made to feel comfortable, where I can share information that was never able to share with other medical practitioners, and didn’t feel judged.  Five stars out of five!