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How would you like to join a tribe of women helping women just like you and start feeling in control of your body again, free of hormonal chaos and overwhelm? You could be just a few short weeks away!

Discover the Precise Strategies You Need to Restore Hormone Balance

In order to make sustainable changes to your hormone health, it takes time to unravel what is contributing to your hormone imbalance. Find out how to nourish your body with the right foods, stress reducing techniques, and self-care practices to help you get relief from irregular periods, PMS, perimenopause, menopause and other hormone related symptoms that leave you feeling like a hot mess, fat, fatigued, sleep deprived and more.

Get a better understanding of the differences between lab hormone testing, what they mean and what steps you can take to support healthy hormone balance.

Join a tribe of women helping women using my 

step-by-step Path to Hormone Health Methodology

Regain control of your body and end the hormonal chaos and overwhelm.

Enrolling in membership can provide you with constant support in your journey to becoming the

woman warrior and goddess you were always meant to be. 

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Live group coaching calls weekly, except when the group moderator is out of the office for personal or business reasons.

Access to coaching call replays too!

Exclusive access to Well World Health App to track your progress.

Access to Online Programs

When you become a member, you'll get access to 12 modules of the Path to Hormone Health Program.  One module will be provided each month over 12 months. Annual members will be given full access right away.  

Access to Community Discussion Board and Private Facebook Group

When you become a member, you will be invited to join both the community discussion board and private Facebook group inside your membership area. 

This is a great way to get additional support and share experiences with other women inside the tribe.

10% Discount on Professional Line Supplements from our Dispensary

Good nutrition is key to healthy hormone balance and harmony.  Sometimes though you need additional support from high-quality supplements.  As a member, you will be provided access to our online dispensary.

Tired of not getting the answers you need and deserve?

stop searching for answers on your own

If you are ready to end the frustration, searching for answers on your own only to hit dead-ends, and feeling alone on this health journey, then you deserve to join a community that will help yo move from hormonal chaos to hormone harmony.

Your life can now be in your own hands.  If you are ready to have more energy, feel happy, sexy and confident in your body again, then sign up today!

What's included with your membership?

*Monthly (3-month minimum)

  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • Access to coaching call replays
  • Access to online program (free inside membership as long as a member)
  • Free bonuses with active membership
  • Access to private community discussion board & private Facebook group
  • Hormone healthy meal plans and shopping lists.
  • 10% discount on professional line supplements from our dispensary
  • No private appointments with Laura* 

*Annual Membership Bonus!

All those who sign up for the Annual Membership option will be given   full and unlimited access to the entire Path to Hormone Health Program, even if you decide to discontinue your membership later.  


Path to Hormone Health Membership Pricing

Monthly Membership

Monthly (3-month minimum) 

Annual Membership

Regular Price $1164

Payment Process

Once your payment has been received by the membership administrator you will be enrolled into the membership within 24 hours or less.  You will then receive an email with information on how to access your membership.  If you don't see, please check your spam folder.  You may cancel anytime after 3 month minimum period.

Annual Members:  After your initial annual payment, you will be given the opportunity to continue your membership on a monthly or annual basis upon your annual renewal date as long as you choose to remain an active member.  You may cancel at any time.

Your tribe awaits-you just have to show up.  

Reclaim your inner goddess and transform your life.

Isn't it time you start putting yourself first?  No guilt, no reservations, no more being told there is nothing wrong with you, no more being told it is all in your head, no more being told to "live with it", no more limiting beliefs!!

Laura Dankof

I'm a functional medicine nurse practitioner and the founder of Path to Health and Healing, & Hormone Help for Women.  I help women, just like you to balance their hormones and reclaim their health and vitality.  

I am not unlike you as I used to suffer from hormonal chaos myself.  Let me help you ditch the hormone crazies so you can live the life you deserve!

There is so much information on the web.  It is easy to feel intimidated and defeated before you even start.  Don't get discouraged, I am here to help you!

As a Path to Hormone Health Member You Will Have Access to

Laura's path to hormone health methodology she has used to help thousands of women struggling with fertility, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, and other hormone related health challenges.

You will be provided with training materials, videos, handouts, workbooks, recipe guides, meal plans, and action steps to help you build a solid foundational framework designed to help you step-by-step on your hormone health journey.

Discover how your hormones work, and what factors affect your hormones and what steps you can take to ending the hormonal chaos and overwhelm so that you can feel comfortable in your own body again.  

A very important part of helping you to succeed is by having access to live coaching and support. Just 12 hours of 1-on-1 time with a practitioner can cost you upwards to $2,400-$6,000 alone!

Become a part of a community of women helping women to support you where you are struggling, to celebrate your successes and help keep you accountable to yourself.

 I know what an inspiration we can be when we come together to overcome obstacles. Living a shared experience with other women in the membership tribe is PRICELESS!  

Be ready to take imperfect action. You don't have to settle anymore and feel miserable. There is something you can do to get your hormone health back on track!

Community and connection are essential to your well-being.  Through shared experiences with other women, become empowered to unleash the woman warrior and goddess you were always meant to be.  

What Others Are Saying


I have experienced night sweats for several years.  I have slept with a fan in the summer which really isn't a solution.  Changes I'm making are eating way less processed foods, eating whole foods, and eating more organic.  I have noticed I'm sleeping so much better with not being awakened near as often with night sweats."

~ Vicki A


Laura provided me with everything I needed to help my body heal from information about my hormonal issues to resources to better support my body.  I felt like she really listened to what I was telling her and that it was not all in my head.  I cannot express enough that if you are a woman and feel your hormones may be out of balance, Laura will help you!"

~ LeAnn H


I saw Laura because I was experiencing perimenopausal symptoms and more recently migraines, digestive issues, stress and borderline high blood pressure.  She made me feel that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  She is very compassionate and practical.  Laura helped me to improve my health and well-being.  I am feeling much better and more in control of my health. "

~ Christine P

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I start working with Laura?

Glad you are here!  This tells me you are ready to take an active role in your hormone health so that you can start feeling comfortable in your own body again and have the energy to do the things you love to do.  To get started, click the sign up button above.  This will take you to the enrollment page to get you started.  A 3-month minimum commitment is required.  You will be charged $97/month in order to maintain an active membership and have access to all the goodies inside.  An annual membership option is also available. 

What if I am not sure this membership is right for me?

If you are unsure if the Path to Hormone Health Membership program is right for you or you have additional questions, schedule a FREE Hormone Relief Discover Call by clicking here.  This way we can make sure you are getting the help and support you are looking for.

As a functional medicine nurse practitioner, Laura has years of experience helping women to achieve hormone health.  If you are not familiar with functional medicine, it simply means getting to the root cause.  It means asking "why" things are happening to your body so you can get to the "how" to move from a state of imbalance to balance when given the right tools and resources.  

Is this membership for a specific age of women?

No.  This membership is meant for all women!  Having women of various ages, life experiences and health challenge helps all women in the tribe learn and grow through our shared experiences.  Whether you are a woman with heavy periods, PMS, infertility, PCOS, perimenopause, menopause, thyroid disease or any other hormone related challenges, you will benefit.

What happens after I have purchased my membership?

Once you have purchased your monthly or annual membership, you will be taken to your membership area.  Once there, take a look around and familiarize yourself with the membership platform.  If you have any questions or are having difficulty, please contact me at

What all am I getting when I join?

When you join the Path to Hormone Health Membership you will be provided with access to Laura's signature Path to Hormone Health Program.  One module of this 12-module program will be released each month.  This is to prevent overwhelm and allow you time to learn and implement each module of this in-depth program.  Laura has put all of her years of education and experience helping thousands of women into this program.  You will also be given access to special bonus materials as those become available, live coaching calls, access to a private Facebook group and Community Discussion board within your membership platform.

These materials will remain available to you for as long as you remain an active member of the Path to Hormone Health Membership.

What happens if I can't attend the live coaching calls?

Live coaching calls will be recorded and posted onto the membership platform.  If you are unable to attend live, and have a question you want Laura to address any given week, you will have the opportunity to post your questions on the community discussion board.