Path to Health and Healing is about getting to the “WHY” behind your symptoms or diagnosis,

so together we can get to the “HOW” to reclaim your health and vitality.  

Philosophically, Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C’s goal is not to treat diseases or conditions, but to identify the root cause(s) that are preventing you from feeling well. To help you decide if a Functional Medicine consultation with her is right for you, below is a list of the just some of the conditions/concerns she can help you to address:

  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Food Sensitivities
  • GERD/Reflux
  • Gut Infections (bacterial, fungal, parasitic)
  • Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism
  • Insomnia/Sleep Issues
  • Irritable Bowel (IBS)
  • Leaky Gut
  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Peri-Menopause and Menopause
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Yeast Overgrowth/Candida

There are several ways you can work with Laura:  (1) Functional Medicine Path to Health One-On-One Programs, (2) Visit to Visit, One-On-One, and (3) Group Programs on Gut Health and Thyroid Health.

What is Functional Medicine and Are You Ready to Make a Change with This Approach?

​​According to the Institutes of Functional Medicine – “Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.”  

Functional Medicine takes a very individualized approach meant to involve and empower the patient actively in their care.  This starts with taking an extensive history to look for and identify root causes or triggers.  It also involves taking a comprehensive and holistic look at the interplay of genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.  This provides a roadmap to help guide a treatment plan that is right for you to reclaim your health and vitality.  

Rather than treating a diagnosis, we look for and treat root cause.  Given each individuals’ unique health journey and complexity – one condition or diagnosis may have very different root causes.  Therefore, no two people will have the same treatment plan.  It is individualized to meet your needs and your personal health goals.

Functional Medicine is guided by some key principles:

  • We are all unique individuals with varying needs based on our genetics, environment, and unique health history.  Therefore your care should be very individualized.  In order to do that it is important that I, as a clinician, first listen to your story as this will be the guiding post to getting to the root cause and will direct the path to helping you to heal.
  • A functional practitioner prioritizes quality over quantity with their patients. This means taking a very holistic approach to treatment that is focused on the root cause of each issue rather than simply treating the symptoms of a disease or condition or giving a pill for every ill.
  • Assessment, natural healing, and prevention are prioritized over wait-and-see treatment approaches.  Patients always have a say and play an active role in their own health.  It is your body after all.

Take the Next Step Now to Reclaiming Your Health & Vitality

If you have any questions before making a decision, feel free to contact us at Path to Health and Healing.

Testimonials From Patients

LeAnn T.  “Laura made me feel supported, cared about, listened to….”

I approached Laura Dankof because I was dealing with an undiagnosed hormonal issue and a gut infection.  Honestly, I had a complete workup done by a well-known hospital and they were not able to find anything and left me feeling like it was all in my head and told me stay on the PILL and not to change anything!  I had a substantial weight gain that I could not get rid of despite eating healthy and exercising.  My hair was falling out, I was not sleeping, I felt sluggish, tired, angry, and sick!  I was a mess.

Laura had helped me by diagnosing exactly what was wrong with me.  I had estrogen dominance and a gut infection.  The first thing she told me was to get off the pill!!!!  She gave me a specific plan that was tailored to me individually and I really felt like she was listening to what I was telling her.  I was not a number or “that complaining patient” or “it’s all in her had patient”.  She looked at the root cause of my illness and was able to put me on a path to reclaim my health!  I can not express the impact this has had on me.  After doing western medicine for 20 years with the same response of “that’s all we can do for you”, I have finally found a practitioner that got to the root of my illness!!  It really is life changing!!!!!

Laura made me feel supported, cared about, listened to, and gave me all the tools I needed to take care of myself holistically.  I feel empowered and excited about my health!!

Laura provided me with everything I needed to help my body heal from information about my hormonal issues to resources to better medication/supplement that supported my body.

I am most grateful for begin able to work with Laura Dankof because her knowledge is extensive, and she is a top-notch practitioner.  I cannot express enough that if you are a woman and feel your hormones may be out of balance, make an appointment with Laura, she will help you!!!  I am a BSN RN that has worked in medicine for the last 10 years and she is the first practitioner that looked at the root cause of my illness and has been able to help heal my body rather than slap a band aid on it and hope that it helps!!!

Eileen, “Laura made me feel understood!”

I approached Laura when I was looking for a natural therapy and was in considerable pain and not having success with regular medical doctors. She diagnosed my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, as well as a host of other issues like MTHFR and leaky gut. Laura made me feel understood! That there really is something going on even if the conventional system didn’t understand. She allowed me to explain how i was feeling and what didn’t seem or feel right in my body. We worked through each challenge. I never felt stupid. Laura provided testing and resources to get more information on my condition along with options for treatment. She made recommendations for alternative therapies. Who new I needed sauna to help me properly detox! I am grateful for her patience, support, knowledge and listening skills!

Connie, “Laura helped me to rethink my health….”

Laura came highly recommended to me. She helped me to rethink my health and how to achieve better health by what I put on or in my body. She also helped me to get past some of my anxiety about medical experiences and provided information on where I could learn more about my health. Laura has changed my whole way of thinking about health. Even though I grew up with a healthier lifestyle, I veered away from it and plummeted. Laura patiently helped me move back to health and gave me options to improve my health naturally, that were effective over the ineffective prescriptions thrown at me for years. Many of my family members have improved their health because of seeing my healthy journey.

Cindy W.  “Laura took the time to LISTEN…. allowed me to ask questions…..mapped out a treatment plan.”

This is a long story but worth sharing to help you know how Laura Dankof has impacted my life. I am almost 60 years old and had always been a busy, active, productive mother, attorney, volunteer, and fitness conscious person. In 2011, I went through a traumatic emotional and physical experience that left me mysteriously ill with debilitating head, neck, shoulder and back pain, along with constant all over body pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and flu like symptoms. I had been previously diagnosed with IBS by my doctor of 15 years, but after a year of different treatments that normally would have worked, these inexplicable symptoms would not resolve, It was then he suspected fibromyalgia, which was later confirmed by Mayo. Because of our long doctor/patient relationship, he knew my medical history very well so I was fortunate not to have to chase down this diagnosis for years, like so many other sufferers.

Once the diagnosis was confirmed, I began a treatment plan. It took about 6 months to see progress and another year to get back to some sort of normal life. At that point my doctor retired, and passed away shortly thereafter, and I was lost. Although I was in symptom “remission”, by that time, it had not been long enough to feel I knew how to manage this chronic illness with any confidence. I continued to see a young doctor in the practice while I was not symptomatic, but within the year, I was hit with another severe flare and knew I needed someone who had experience with this illness and could really take charge of my care.

That is when I turned to Laura Dankof. She took over my case and saved my health, my life, and my sanity. In our first visit, she took the time to LISTEN to my complete history (unheard of these days!), thoroughly discussed the symptoms I was experiencing and all medications I had tried or was currently taking to learn what was and was not working, allowed me to present theories, ask questions, and be myself without being rushed or dismissed. And then she IMMEDIATELY mapped out a treatment plan. When I left her office that day, I had hope. Three years later, she continues to provide me with the best traditional and functional medical care I could ever need, and I trust her completely.

Besides the incredible care I have received from Laura, it is the peace of mind and belief I can live with this difficult chronic illness and still have a full and happy life, that truly has helped my healing. I know she is there when I need her, and that can be 90% of the battle when you have fibromyalgia. For those of us who suffer with this, or know someone who does, then you know how critical this relationship is to management and recovery out of a flare.

As I said, this is a long story that began 8 years ago and I know with this illness, I will always need the support, guidance, and expertise of an experienced medical practitioner who can integrate traditional and functional medicine, and who is always on top of the latest research. I have that, and so much more, as a patient of Laura Dankof. If you suffer from this condition, or any number of more complicated symptoms, or even just your run of the mill common illness, I highly recommend you contact Laura for a consultation. I have been extremely happy with the telemedical appointments we have as they allow me to spend the time I need with her. Also, it is always great when she travels to my state for a face to face appointment, but I make sure to schedule that appointment early because there is always a line out the door waiting for her when she comes into town. That should tell you just how amazing she is!

If you would like to know more about my fibromyalgia, IBS-C, SIBO health story, or about my experience as Laura’s patient, I can be reached by email at . In the meantime, if you need help, I highly recommend you take the chance to contact Laura. She is a gifted medical practitioner and may be the person you were looking for to help you back to health and healing. I know she was for me.