Menopause Considerations to Spring Cleaning Your Diet

It is the time of year when people are busy with spring cleaning their home and yard.  Have you considered spring cleaning your diet?  Spring is a good time for starting a new or doing a reboot.  This week I want to share tips with you on how a few tweaks in your diet, may […]

15 Ways to Have a Healthier Relationship with Food

Do you have a love-hate relationship with food?  Do you love to eat, but you are constantly battling all the tempting, not so good foods all around you?  You know you should eat healthy but find you are constantly sabotaging your efforts to eat healthy.  There is that party you want to go to, a […]

Spring is a Perfect Time to Overhaul Your Diet

Spring is a perfect time to overhaul your diet.  That is because more fresh fruits and vegetables are available.  Food is medicine.  Taking a pill can’t replace poor lifestyle choices. It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a new pill or medicine that will ‘instantly cure’ your sickness, disease or health issue.  And while taking […]

6 Tips on How to Prevent the Flu this Season

6 Tips on How to Prevent the Flu this Season Every wonder why some people never get sick during flu season? Do you wonder why you never make it through the flu season without getting sick?  Some people seem to be ill all the time, and pick up every bug that’s going.  Every year thousands […]

Could your skin itching be due to histamine intolerance?

I am seeing an increasing number of people with complaints of persistent itching skin that won’t respond to any of the treatments their healthcare provider, dermatologist or allergist have given them.  They are frustrated and want answers because it has taken over their lives.  What is going on? A little known cause of persistent skin […]

4 Tips To Help You Stick to Your Healthy Eating Goals

Did your diet get off track during the holidays?  If so, you are not alone.  Most people slip up or cheat at some point when trying to eat healthier particularly around the holidays.  Now that the holidays are over it is time to get things back on track.  It’s important to not let these instances […]

7 Calorie Burning Tips to Jump Start Weight Loss in 2016

Do you routinely put on 5-10 pounds during the holiday?  Do you find it even harder to get the extra weight off after the holiday cheer is over?  Jump start your weight loss in 2016 with these 7 calorie burning tips.  Simply find out what steps you can start taking now.  These are simple steps […]

May is Liver Awareness Month

Fatty Liver Disease Epidemic Did you know that you or a family member may silently have fatty liver disease? This is a question I posted here a while back.  I thought that since May is “Liver Awareness Month” it was worth re-posting this earlier article I had written on the silent health care crisis of […]

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