digestive issues

Are you suffering from heartbreaking digestive issues like Mary?

Do you feel like the Mary?  If so, then keep reading.  Now this is not her real name, but Mary is one of the many patients I have cared for over the last several years.  Mary used to be plagued with heartbreaking digestive issues. She came to me in a state of unbelievable pain because […]

Are you taking care of your gut?

Are you taking care of your gut during the busy holiday season?  If not, you are not alone.  I don’t have to tell you that eating crappy food isn’t a reward it’s a punishment as Drew Carey stated so well. Consuming lots of sugary goodies and spirits can leave you feeling sluggish, bloated and miserable.  […]

Leaky Gut Health Risks & 5 Steps to Repairing Your Gut

Last week  I shared with you what leaky gut is and provided you with a short video on the subject.  If you have not had a chance to watch that, do so now. Simply click here to watch. This week I want to talk about the symptoms and conditions that can result from having a leaky gut and […]

How Aloe Vera Juice Improves Gut Health

Aloe is a powerful plant. When I used to hear aloe I would automatically think of sunburn relief. In fact I keep two aloe vera plants in my home and have used them for just that.  However aloe vera has another important use.  It aloe helps to relieve intestinal damage. It’s got nourishing properties unparalleled […]

10 Natural Remedies to Aid Your Digestion

Are you wondering if there are natural remedies to aid your digestion rather then taking a handful of pills?  If so, you are not alone given that many people do suffer from one digestive issue or another.  Examples of digestive issues can be heartburn, constipation, poorly digestive food and more.  Often times when experiencing digestive […]

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