Path to Health and Healing


Supplement Basics You Need to Know

Did you know March is National Nutrition month?  The goal of National Nutrition Month is to recognize and bring awareness to the importance of good nutrition. Through research, we are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between our diets and our overall health. A healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle can help prevent many chronic health conditions […]

6 Super Foods to Keep Your Gut Healthy

A Healthy outside starts from the inside.  Your digestive system doesn’t run by itself. It needs proper nutrition with foods that help calm the stomach, increase motility, and decrease the gas in the gut. Here are 6 super foods to keep your gut healthy: Foods high in fiber. High fiber foods add bulk to the […]

10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu season is in full swing.  So how to you keep from getting sick and staying well throughout the year?  The safest way to stay well starts with practicing healthy lifestyle habits.  Your immune system works hard to keep you well. There are bacteria and viruses everywhere, not to mention helminths (worms) and […]

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