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3 Habits to Break During the Holiday Season Ahead

From the end of October through the end of December, there is so much going on it can make your head spin.  So I’ve spent some time thinking about how to help you get out of your own way so that you can have the energy you desire to get through the upcoming holiday season […]

Cyber Monday…..Path to Health and Healing Gift Giveaway!!

.Path to Health and Healing Gift Giveaway! I know you are are likely busy buying gifts for all your family and friends this Cyber Monday, but I want you to have some great gifts for free.  So I brought together a group of other amazing healers and have asked them to share their gifts with […]

Chronic Stress Health Epidemic and 3 Ways to Relieve It

Chronic Stress is a National Epidemic Chronic stress is a national epidemic that is taking a toll on everyone’s life and health.  Why is this?  What is going on?  We are living in a world that is placing more and more demands on our time.  Are you feeling pulled in various directions continuously?  Do your […]

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