4 Causes of Menopausal Weight Gain

STOP the Menopausal Weight Gain! STOP actually stands for 4 causes of menopause related weight gain: Stress, Toxins, Out of Balance Hormones, and Poor Sleep. Let me help you balance your hormones naturally. Schedule a consultation now at

Why Heavy Metals are a Cause for Disease

I know this image may be disturbing, but it also puts a spotlight on what is going on in your environment that you don’t necessarily see, taste, or smell.   Did you know that one of the biggest sources that is contributing to many diseases today are heavy metals.  They are every and there is some […]

Are you tired of being tired?

Are you tired of being tired?   There are many reasons for the way you are feeling, but there is one very important reason why you are not able to shake the brain fog, are waking up feeling like you haven’t slept and continue to struggle to get through the day.  Do you want to […]

Fight Back-Improve The One Thing You Can Control!

You know it, and I know it, our bodies are exposed to a barrage of toxins every day.  It is time to fight back!  With all of the pollutants in the environment, the rates of chronic disease including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and numerous autoimmune diseases are happening at epidemic rates.  Is it any wonder […]

What is a Body Detox? Should You Consider it?

Image by phasinphoto at Should you do a body detox? As time goes by the body can become filled with toxins from stress, the food and drinks you consume, everyday pollutants, and more. These toxins can then lead you to feel tired, irritable, run down, and ultimately can contribute to various health risks which […]

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