Path to Hormone Health Group Program Exclusive Invitation

Your Exclusive Invitation to Ending the Hormonal Chaos

Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity!

How to  Feel Like Yourself Again, Restore Your Energy, and Balance Your Hormones Naturally With the Love and Support of Other Women

Dear Woman Warrior,

How would you like to join a tribe of women helping women, just like you and feel in control of your body again free of the hormonal chaos and overwhelm?

Allow me to paint the picture of what your life can look like….

You are standing out in the sunshine, after conquering a hike to the top of the mountain with other women warriors, just like you and are soaking up the warm rays of the sun across your face.  You are proud of what you have achieved.

The warm air is relaxing and inviting and you feel happy, at peace and down right amazing.  You feel energized as you breathe in the fresh air.

You feel lighter than you have felt for a very long time.  Maybe even years lighter.

For the first time in as long as you can remember, you realize….the mood swings, debilitating heavy periods and menstrual cramps, headaches and overwhelming fatigue, sleep deprivation and even hot flashes are gone.

That feeling of being on edge due to unpredictable hormonal fluctuations are now a thing of the past.

The constant battle going on inside your body, that leaves you struggling to get through the day…gone.

Providing for your family….finding time for yourself… and dealing with the demands of a your job are not as overwhelming as they once were all because you have achieved hormone harmony.

Those nights of tossing and turning and endless brain fog are now but a distant memory.

You wake happy, energized and ready to take on the day.

Instead of waking feeling anxious, you are relaxed.

Instead of waking feeling the stress building inside, you have a new found perspective on life and the importance of self-care.

Paying attention to your self-care, and having the support of other women  has lead you to this place where you feel comfortable in your own body again to enjoy life with your family and friends.

It’s almost as if your entire world has opened up.   You are a strong woman warrior and you are now a part of a tribe of women who have taken back control of their bodies and ended the hormonal chaos and overwhelm once and for all!

From Hormonal Chaos to Hormone Harmony

Hi there!  Laura here.

What I have just described to you is not a fantasy.  It is a reality that many women have experienced, once they have a step-by-step process to hormone harmony.

I know, because I was one of those women.  Before helping thousands of women, I first had to help myself.  I too suffered from hormonal chaos in my 40’s.

I remember searching for answers from my doctor, the internet and books…only to end up frustrated and overwhelmed.  I was not getting the help I needed or the answers I deserved. 

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Functional Medicine (getting to the why things were happening) that I was able to end my fatigue, irregular cycles and weight gain.  I took what I learned, along with my years of knowledge and experience as a nurse practitioner to help other women.  You too deserve to have answers.  You deserve to have a plan.  Being told there is nothing wrong with you, live with it or it is all in your head is unacceptable.

Enough is Enough!

Imagine For A Moment

Waking up in the morning…making a cup of your favorite herbal tea and having the time to start off your day right.

You feel focused, centered, and eager to take on the day.

You take a moment to sit in your favorite spot, breathing in the possibilities that you have for yourself now that the fatigue, mood swings, hot flashes and more are not disrupting your day or your quality of life.

A feeling of gratitude washes over you.

You feel so blessed that you took the time to invest in your hormone health and that you joined the Path to Hormone Health Program.  You not only got the support you needed, but you are now part of a tribe of women supporting women.  You are no longer going it alone, spinning your wheels in a continuous cycle of hormonal chaos and overwhelm.

The wisdom you have gained and the connections you have made have been truly transformative.  You now have the tools you need to support your body, your hormonal health and your mind and the warrior and goddess that has risen inside of you.

You have become the healer in your Path to Hormone Health!

Your life is now in your hands and your control, where before you felt it was in the hands of the doctor and out of your control.  

Because you took that leap of faith to join the Path to Hormone Health Group Program, you now have more energy, and feel happy, sexy and confident because you have achieved the hormone balance and life balance you so desperately searched for, often for years.  Just think where you would be if you had not invested in your hormone health and you had not followed the Path to Hormone Health Methodology.

This Can Be Your Reality!

Will it be easy?


Nothing truly meaningful in life ever is.  But it will be worth it.  

And it will be a lot easier than struggling like you are now.  

I can hear the doubt creeping in…

“Can I really get answers and start feeling better so I can enjoy life again, free of the brain fog, fatigue, hot flashes, irregular periods, sleepless nights and more?” 

“It seems like it is going to require a lot of time, time I don’t have to end the hormonal chaos, not to mention the overwhelm.”

“Where do I even begin?” 

There’s something you have to remember: It’s so important to have a proven plan that takes into consideration your specific circumstances so that you can achieve hormone balance. So you can see the brain fog lift, have more energy to do the things you enjoy, and no longer experience hot flashes and more.

Repeating the same actions expecting a different result is a waste of time. 

That’s why I do what I do… 

Because I know how important it is to have an expert to help you get the results you want and deserve and the accountability needed to end the hormonal chaos and overwhelm.   

Taking back control of your hormone health doesn’t need to be as hard as it may seem right now. There are so many resources and paths available to you!

The #1 action step you can take to set yourself up for success is to uncover the reason why nothing before has worked and what will. 

Which is why I want to personally invite you to schedule a free hormone relief discovery call with me so you can start to bust through the belief that there is nowhere to turn and no one that can help you, and truly create the life you want!

Here is just some of what you will learn when you join the Path to Hormone Health Program.  You’ll discover:

  • The possible reasons why that fad diet you have heard has worked for others is not working for you.   
  • A simple way to fit exercise into your day, without having to spend hours at the gym.  
  • The secret sauce to uncovering what is really going on with your hormones.   
  • Did you know you don’t have to resort to taking pharmaceutical drugs to balance your hormones? 
  • You can end the hormonal chaos and overwhelm and gain back control of your body without complicated diets, spending hours at the gym or taking a handful of pills.   

There Has To Be a Turning Point For You!

Here’s the thing, I know what you may be thinking.  “I don’t have time for myself”.  

There has to be a point where you are ready to make you and your health a priority before you crash and burn, if you haven’t already.  

I remember the day that I stopped feeling exhausted and the brain fog lifted.

I remember the day when I figured out exactly what was sabotaging my hormones and preventing me from feeling like myself…..

It was like all of a sudden I no longer had to obsess over food, squeezing an hour long intense workout into my already busy day and instead I got to enjoy the flavor of nutrient dense food and limit my exercise routine to 30 minutes.  It was such a relief!  

It didn’t matter how busy I was, I knew that in order to continue to keep my hormones balanced, maintain my energy and stop the weight gain, I had to make myself a priority.  I had to schedule me time into my day.  

Yes, I was super busy with family and work life, but I had to make myself a priority.  I thought at first, eating healthy and exercising was going to take too much time, but it didn’t take as much time as I thought.  That was my own limiting belief that was getting in the way.

I didn’t have to plan out complicated meals, I just had to eat real, whole organic food.  I didn’t need to spend hours at the gym.  I scheduled 30 minutes every day and exercised at home.  Now that might not work for everyone, but that is what worked for me.  

Imagine what it would be like when you can wake everyday full of energy and feel comfortable in your own body again. 

Well, this is your chance to make a change BUT only if you’re SICK and TIRED of trying to do things on your own without getting the result you so badly want and need — because after all we are talking about your health.  

We women are often guilty of not making ourselves a priority.  How many times have you said to yourself or someone else, “I don’t have time for me”?

Making you a priority is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  

Are you ready to make the investment in “YOU”?  If so, let’s chat.

Will You Leave This Page And Go Back To The Way Things Are?


Will This Be The Moment That You Finally Do Something For You?

The decision you make could be the difference between continuing on the hormone roller coaster ride versus restoring your energy and feeling comfortable in your own body again.  

Here’s the thing.  I work with women who are ready to:

  • Stop doing what doesn’t work
  • Are coachable
  • Are ready to take back control of their body
  • Are ready to get real answers with a proven system
  • Want to join a community of women supporting other women
  • Are tired of hearing, “everything is normal”, when you feel anything but normal
  • Are done trying to figure it out on their own
  • Who want the tools to ending the hormonal chaos and overwhelm
  • And are looking for support and accountability.

Look, I know that this system works. 

I have seen women do it, who were committed to their goals. It was awe inspiring to me.  I wanted these women to be so successful.  They had been through enough and deserved answers, and to have a hope and a belief in themselves that they have the power within them.  With the right tools, you to can gain back control of your body and get off the hormone roller coaster ride that’s been affecting your quality of life.  

But let me get real with you.  I can’t be the only one putting in the effort. 

You have to be willing to put in the effort.  

So the first step is to schedule a free hormone relief discovery call with me. 

If you’re someone who wants to end the hormonal chaos and overwhelm so that you can feel comfortable in your own body again and is ready to commit, then this call is for you.

Still Not Sure?

When you join the Path to Hormone Health Group Program, you’ll get access to training, coaching, and accountability from me to help you succeed.  As a functional medicine nurse practitioner, I have helped thousands of women navigate the complex world of their hormone health who are suffering from irregular periods, infertility, premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause, menopause and even thyroid issues and more.

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you join:

12 Weeks of In Depth Training & Action Steps 

You’ll get immediate access to the program portal which is where you’ll find all of the training materials, videos, handouts, workbooks, recipe guides, meal plans, and action steps to help you get started on your Path to Hormone Health.  

The methodology I have laid out for you starts with building a solid foundational framework.  This framework is designed to take you step-by-step on this journey as to prevent overwhelm. 

Each week is addressing your hormones, how they work and what factors affect your hormones and steps you can take to ending the hormonal chaos and overwhelm so that you can restore your energy and feel comfortable in your own body and start enjoying life again.

  • Week 1:  Phases and Stages of Women’s Hormone Life – Understanding hormone basics, hormone symptom questionnaire, menstrual cycle basics and cycle tracking, stages of perimenopause/menopause.
  • Week 2:  Healing Through Nutrition – Kitchen makeover, understanding the basics of good nutrition, why nutrition is important to hormone balance, recipe guides and menu plans, shopping lists, what foods support your hormones and which foods don’t, start setting goals, workbook and food journal.
  • Week 3:  Foods, Phases, and GMO’s – Discover what foods support the phases of the menstrual cycle, a list of hormone balancing foods, GMOs and hormone balance
  • Week 4:  What is Happening to Me? – Phases of the menstrual cycle, what is happening in perimenopause and menopause, along with action steps to charting your menstrual cycle.  For those in perimenopause or menopause; menopause defined with an easy to remember acronym, 4 steps to hot flash relief.  In this module you will also learn how to begin putting yourself first and you will begin completing module 2 of your workbook.
  • Week 5:  Perimenopause and menopause symptoms – 2-part learning on symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, 2-part learning on weight gain in perimenopause and menopause and action steps/tips to combat weight gain.
  • Week 6:  Hormone testing and treatment options – Hormone testing and treatment options, how hormones interact, hormone replacement/support options. You will be provided with a guide on hormone replacement, and I will share real life case studies of other women.
  • Week 7:  Roadblocks to Hormone Recovery – 6 root causes of hormone imbalances, roadblocks to hormone recovery, and the role of the thyroid.  You will also be completing action tasks relevant to these roadblocks and begin module 3 of your workbook.
  • Week 8:  Builds further upon Week 7 and getting to the root cause – Gut health and your hormones.  Included in this module will also be a 5-point action plan to healing your gut.  Also in this module you will learn about how estrogen dominance is keeping you stuck and struggling and will be provided with a handout on estrogen dominance.
  • Week 9:  Stress, blood sugar, libido – Oh My! – In this very important module you will learn how stress, and blood sugar balance impacts your hormones.  You will also discover what is affecting your libido and steps you can take.
  • Week 10:  Four Hormone Related Problems and Their Solutions – Here I will be sharing with you more on the top concerns/complaints women will often seek help for, aside from hot flashes.  This includes insomnia, vaginal dryness, low energy, brain fog/memory loss.  You will be provided with action steps on tracking your sleep, improving your vaginal health, increasing your energy and addressing the brain fog and memory loss.
  • Week 11:  Mind-Body Connection and Living in Balance – In this module you will discover the very powerful and intimate connection between the mind-body-hormones, the importance of mindset and ways to increase your confidence and steps you can start implementing right away to live a more balanced life.
  • Week 12:  In this final module we will be wrapping up what you have learned, how far you have come and you will retake the hormone questionnaire to assess your progress.  I also end by providing you a special bonus.

As you can see, this is invaluable to you because it includes step by step instructions on how to determine where your hormones need support, along with ways to eat/sleep/breathe/move/think; so that all you have to do is follow what I have laid out for you to start feeling better. 

12 Weeks of Live Coaching Calls

A very important part of helping you to succeed is by having access to live coaching calls with me.  This alone is a $2400 Value!  During our calls together, I will be there to answer your questions, support you where you are struggling, celebrate your successes and help keep you accountable to yourself.  Not only that, you will be living this shared experience with other women going through the program.  The support and accountability you give each other is PRICELESS!

Private Facebook Group Access

As a client in the Path to Hormone Health Program, you’ll be invited to join us inside a private Facebook group where you’ll get support from me and the tribe of women that have joined this program.  The goal is to build a tribe of women helping women through your shared experiences.  

All the women warriors that have joined this tribe are encouraged to support and inspire each other so that you continue moving forward. 

I have been blessed to work with so many women, ready to take imperfect action to end their hormonal chaos over the past several years.  They have been truly inspiring to me.  Seeing the obstacles they have overcame.  To not settle that they have to feel miserable the rest of their lives and that there is something they can do to put their hormone health back in their control and feel comfortable in their own bodies again. 

To find out what other women who have worked with me have to say, click here.

Your path to hormone success could be only a few short weeks away.  So, if you are ready, then click here to book a free call with me so together we can determine if this program is a good fit for you.

If you are a good fit, I will then share next steps to get you started on your Path to Hormone Health!





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