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10 Day Plant Based Food Challenge

Are you struggling to eat healthy? Lacking energy? Need some recipe inspiration in the kitchen to wow your family?

I hear you! I have a hard time coming up with inspirational healthy dishes as well.  So many of us face these troubles daily which is why I wanted to share something incredible with you….

James and Laurentine of Food Matters are hosting an online 10 Day Plant-Based Challenge!


Click here to learn more & save your free seat! 


When you join the 10 Day Plant-Based Challenge you will get access to:

  • Daily Plant-Based Video Recipes
  • Daily Expert Interviews
  • Daily inspirational documentaries
  • 10 day meal plan & shopping list
  • 10 Day Plant-Based Challenge resource e-book

If you’re ready to create new healthy eating habits, explore plant-based recipes the whole family will love, increase your energy and vitality, this summer, then click below!

Save your free seat to the 10 Day Plant Based Challenge starting June 11!

Here’s to fueling our bodies this summer and all year long!

When you sign up, you will get the ‘Top 12 Food Additives To Avoid’ download PDF for free to get a jumpstart on making conscious food choices! 

10 Day Plant Based Food Challenge

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