This week I want to put a spotlight on one ancient South America Plant that can help relieve your haywire hormone symptoms.  It is my number one recommendation to the thousands of women I have treated over the years suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause symptoms.

This ancient herbal remedy was virtually unknown to the outside world until just recently.  Frustrated with the conventional medical “wis-dumb” and to help her own hormone related issues, Dr. Anna Cabeca searched the globe for answers. One of Her “miracle discoveries” happened in Peru, where Maca is considered a power food for endurance, strength and good mood and… the “Peruvian Viagra”. I will share more on that in a minute.  But first…

If you are experiencing any of the following, then keep reading:

  • Feel your metabolism slowing down
  • Have a lower libido than in your younger days
  • Feel tired and sluggish more often
  • Experience the feeling of just not wanting to start your day

If so, whether you’re a male or a female, it could be the result of haywire hormones and burnt out adrenal glands. Unfortunately a common experience for many women in menopause.  Mighty Maca may help provide relief from those haywire hormone symptoms.

Now I don’t recommend just any Maca.  I only recommend Mighty Maca developed by Dr. Anna Cabeca.  Dr. Anna Cabeca, is a physician who is double board-certified in Gynecology and Anti-Aging Medicine.  She overcame her own personal health crisis starting in Peru. I will let you read more about her story in a second, but I will cut to the chase.

When confronted with all the symptoms above and more, Dr. Anna discovered that everything she learned in medical school actually made things worse…​. But during a healing journey in Peru — after she had lost all hope — she discovered a native healing herb which helped her turn her health around. The herb is called “Maca”, as you know now.  To Dr. Anna’s surprise, this ancient root plant help to reverse her symptoms of fatigue, low libido, depression, and uncontrollable weight… when nothing else worked.

When she came home, she began experimenting with other healing herbs and sharing this blend with her patients, peers and friends. Her private formula became so popular with people experiencing these age-related symptoms that she decided to create this product for public consumption… And Mighty Maca was born.

This amazing “Green” drink is now endorsed by celebrity trainers, doctors, models, and professional athletes. And most importantly, by me! Aside from the fact that Dr. Anna somehow made this drink taste beyond good (I would say great). Honestly.

This stuff packs an energetic punch. You literally feel the energy. You can also feel the results compound over time because it is helping to balance your hormones while rebuilding your adrenals. I always recommend you try it for at least 4-6 weeks.

All I have to say is that if you are experiencing ANY of the issues I have mentioned that you at least give Dr. Anna’s product a try. If you are like me you will fall in love… and you won’t let yourself go another day without it. It is that powerful!

Just click on this link: Try Mighty Maca Now And treat yourself to more energy.

Please let me know your experience with Mighty Maca! Let other women know as well but posting in the Menopause Sisterhood Facebook Group.  If you are not a member, ask to join by clicking here.

Try Mighty Maca Now!


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