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Could This Be A Cure For Burnout?

Burnout is officially a medical condition (according to the World Health Organization.)

And it’s about time it got some recognition. 

As women, we are often exhausted, overworked, and stressed to the max. “Burned out” is an understatement. 

But while this recognition of burnout as a serious problem is a GOOD thing, the problem is that the “cures” for burnout are all still focused on doing more.

Go to bed earlier. (I’d love to, you think)

Sit in the sauna. (Sounds lovely… if I didn’t have 30,000 other things to do)

Meditate daily. (In between the pings from work and my kids yelling)

When your tank is already empty these suggestions feel laughable. 

When You Can’t Do One More Thing, Do This

Having dealt with severe burnout myself, I know firsthand that anything that requires more of your precious time and energy is NOT a solution. 

That’s why I’m so excited about a revolutionary product for managing stress and burnout that doesn’t ask anything of you.  It’s called Apollo.

Just put it on, set the mood you want, and wait…. You’ll feel yourself switch from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode in just a few minutes.

Sounds like magic, but it’s actually science.  I was so impressed with this technology, I ordered one for myself.

University Scientists Cracked The Code Of Your Nervous System

It started with two scientists at the University of Pittsburgh who were looking at research on the way specific sound frequencies – and more specifically, the vibrations those frequencies created – impacted things like perceived stress and heart rate.

They combined that research with knowledge about the rhythms of the heart and lungs when people were in a meditative state.


They realized they could use inaudible sounds frequencies – which people could feel against their skin, but not hear – to actually induce a flow state, like people experience when they are deep in meditation.

It works by inducing the nervous system’s parasympathetic state (you know this as “rest and digest” mode) the same way human touch can. 

Remember how a hug from your mom made you feel when you were a kid? This device channels that same energy, but in a much more high-tech way. 

In a parasympathetic state, you can respond, not react, to stress. You recover faster. You feel at ease. And you might even notice your digestion improves. 

Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Studies Backed Up Their Findings

Two University clinical trials (and 6 more trials currently underway) have shown that using these specific frequencies against the skin (like on your wrist or ankle) improved heart rate variability (HRV), a measure of your body’s ability to respond to stress. 

And the most recent study showed that in just 12 minutes, using these frequencies could make the brainwaves of regular people look like those of experienced meditators.

It’s currently being tested for use in the military and those with PTSD. (It has so much potential as a powerful medical device, that it has been designed since Day 1 to be totally HIPAA compliant and meet medical privacy laws.) 

Like Nothing Else You’ve Tried Before

Just to be clear, this is not a guided meditation. 

All you do is strap on the device (it looks like a smart watch, and can be worn on the wrist or ankle), set it from your phone, and go about your normal day.

Carpool. Work. Workout. Cook dinner. Watch TV. Sleep. 

And do it all while gentle frequencies (which feel like vibrations against your skin) help you wake up, focus in, calm down, or doze off. 

This is the first burnout solution that actually fits into your burnt out lifestyle… and I think it could make a big difference for you.

For the first time, this device is available to the public, and I’ve secured a 15% off discount for our community, too.  Get your Apollo device here now.

Could This Be A Cure For Burnout?

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