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How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Hormones and Overall Health

Recently I was interviewed on Natural Health Radio by Dr. Theresa Dale., Ph.D, DNS, CCN, NP.  Dr. Dale is the founder of the California College of Natural Medicine, and The Wellness Center.  She has been practicing homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, magnetic field therapy, and emotional release technologies since 1980. 

This is an important interview that you don’t want to miss.  Listen in as I talk with Dr. Dale about the importance of your gut health, the microbiome, along with key factors that can impact the health of your digestion.  There seems to be an epidemic of hormone related issues, and autoimmune disease, and chronic health issues.  Once you listen to our conversation, you will have a clearer understanding how your gut health is impacting all aspects of your health. 

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Listen to the interview: CLICK HERE.  




How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Hormones and Overall Health

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