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Is Your Thyroid The Reason Why You Feel Bad?

There’s something I need to share with you.  As a nurse practitioner, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen patients that know there is something wrong with them, have seen many doctors to only be told their is nothing wrong with them.  Is your thyroid the reason why you feel bad?

If you’re going through each and every day feeling like you won’t be able to take another step or wondering if you’ll have enough energy to make it through the day, you could be suffering from a thyroid condition.  

Before you say, “wait, no way!” let’s look at some hard truths.  

Approximately 30% of the population will get a thyroid related condition in their lifetimes.  Women are 5 to 8 times more likely than men to suffer from a thyroid condition.  They won’t ever know what’s making them so sick because they were told, there is nothing wrong.  Could you be one of them?  In fact, approximately 20 million Americans are walking around with a serious thyroid condition… and almost 60% of them don’t even know it!

Thyroid disease and it’s many different types and conditions is far, far more common than you might think – and it’s one of the most often misdiagnosed medical conditions on the planet. Furthermore, the treatments offered by conventional medicine are seriously lacking as pharmacist, Dr. Isabella Wentz found out when she developed Hashimoto’s that attacked her body as a young woman.  Due to her courageous quest to find answers for herself, she has now managed to help thousands.  There are solutions that no one really knows about- I want to change that.  You deserve to have answers.  

Are you you suffering from unexplained weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, dry skin, constipation, depression, cold intolerance, joint or muscle pain, hair loss, thinning eyebrows, brain fog, infertility or even high cholesterol?  These are just some of the symptoms that can be due to an underlying thyroid condition.  

There is hope!

In the upcoming Thyroid Secret docuseries, Dr. Wentz will share her story and that of others.  You will also hear what you can do.  There is hope.  Even if you’ve never even considered the idea that you might have a thyroid problem, I urge you to take a minute and watch the trailer to this explosive new documentary.

The Thyroid Secret World Premier will be released on March 1st – Absolutely FREE for everyone to watch online!

Watch the trailer now by clicking on this link and reserve your spot for the main event!

If you know someone that is suffering, share this post with them.  






Is Your Thyroid The Reason Why You Feel Bad?

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