Path to Health and Healing

What is Path to Health and Healing?

Path to Health and Healing - Laura Dankof
Path to Health and Healing
was designed as a platform to share health information that is hoped to inspire and empower you.  Every day we are bombarded with information on ways to improve our health.  Yet when you look around it seems we are losing the battle.  Obesity and chronic disease are at an all time high.  There are all kinds of opinions on how this national epidemic should be addressed.  I certainly have mine.  

Have you been told to just eat a healthy diet and exercise more but are given no guidance on how to do it?  Have you tried every diet and exercise program in the name of health?  Yet you feel still tired, fat, can’t sleep, your blood pressure is high and the next thing you know you are taking a pill for your blood pressure, a pill to sleep, and a pill for your nerves. All of this has made you depressed, so you start taking a pill for that as well.  Not to mention the hand full of supplements you decided to take because you thought those would help as well.  Does this sound familiar?  What is wrong with this picture?

Well unless you dig down to the root cause of these issues there is a high probability your health will continue to spin out of control.  That is why “Path to Health and Healing” was conceived.  I want you to start clearing through the layers to get to the root source of the problem.  This is often complex and requires a hard look at how stress, poor sleep, the environment, emotions, diet, and exercise or lack there of has a profound impact on your health.

My mission is to empower you to take control of your health and transform you life.  Soon my book “Seed 4 Change:  A Path to Health and Healing” will be available on Amazon.  Please watch for it and start planting your seeds to good health.

What is Path to Health and Healing?

2 thoughts on “What is Path to Health and Healing?

  1. I can’t wait to read the book and start peeling away at the layers. You are so right, pills are not always the answer. Those of us who prescribe and dispense them (healthcare providers), know that they can mask what the real problem is. But it is some times easier to take a pill than to take a good hard look at ourselves. It sounds like your book will be a guide for this journey.

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