5 Key Reasons You Need to Take Care of Yourself

How many times have you escaped into the recesses of your mind and dreamt for a time of peace and harmony?

I can tell you from my own experience and also the experience of the women I treat…we push ourselves too much.  You are burning the candle at both ends like you did when you were a 20-year-old college student.  The reality is, this is taking a toll on your hormone health.

Believe me, this will catch up with you if it hasn’t all ready.

Is this you?

You have gained weight, and you are exhausted.  You have reached a point where you have no idea who you are anymore, what you want, or how to get it. You find yourself in this deep dark whole and are overwhelmed by the idea or even the know how on how to get yourself out of the rut you are in.    

It’s important that you know you have options in digging yourself out of it. The best way to manage these situations is by taking care of yourself better in the first place.

So you are probably saying to yourself about now, “I don’t have time for me”!

It’s shocking to think how many women are suffering simply because they don’t practice self-care.  I get it.  I use to be guilty as well and still am a work in progress.  I too have to remind myself of the importance of self-care.

Lack of self-care impacts your confidence and ability to love yourself, but it can also throw you into the abyss of hormonal chaos.

So let me give you a few tips that you can start putting into action right away.  I want to help you to focus on your own self-care this year and to start, schedule “ME” time into your day.  When you start to focus on yourself you will see everything start to change and fall into place.

Here are 5 key reasons you need to take care of yourself:

Love Your Body & She’ll Love You Back

We are more likely to treat our bodies badly in a bid to get them into the shape we want, but how is depriving yourself going to help matters? Treat your body will love and respect. Eat food that will nourish her and exercise to keep her fit and in shape. Start noticing all of the ways your body is beautiful and she will give back and make you feel like a goddess, and you won’t need to worry about burning out prematurely.

It’s Like Caring For Someone Else
Any pregnant woman can tell you that by taking care of her own needs and herself she is doing the best by her unborn baby. When you invest in self-care, you are ensuring that you have the energy, love, and time to give to everyone around you, too.

Your Light Shines
When you invest in self-care, you are giving yourself the opportunity to let your light shine bright, but in doing that you are empowering others to do the same. Your energy can be inspiring to those around you! Of course, there’s also that old adage about beauty coming from within and failure to practice self-care is likely to dampen your inner glow.
You Can’t Do Everything At Once
You can have it all and do it all as evidenced by the many modern superwomen in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that you can do everything all at once! You don’t need to succumb to the pressure to juggle that successful career, as well as your marriage, children, home, friends, and body. Don’t even try to do everything all at once, you’ll simply burn yourself out.
Energy Debt
When you think of your energy account being much like your fuel tank or your bank account it’s a bit easier to understand just how terrifying it can be to drain it. You see the needle approaching the big red E on the gas gauge and you drive to the gas station to fill the tank, otherwise, you risk running out and being stranded.

Your body is the credible lender and if you continue drawing too much out of it, it will give up on you. You need your health to maintain all of the activities that you do, so take time now in this year to practice self-care instead of risking burnout.

Your health and happiness starts from within, not outside of yourself.  This begins with making daily appointments with yourself for “ME” time to foster your own self-care.  Even if it means taking as little as 5 minutes a day to start.  
If you are ready to take the next step and invest in your self-care, check out all my hormone health programs by clicking here now.
5 Key Reasons You Need to Take Care of Yourself

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