6 Reasons You Might Be Constantly Tired

Do you feel tired all the time?

If so you are not alone.  All of us wish we had more energy but for some it is a bigger problem than for others. If you find yourself waking up every morning and feeling completely drained, or getting home from work and having no will to do anything, then you might be at your wit’s end trying to find solutions.

Do you wonder why nothing you do is helping your fatigue?  There are a few different possibilities that are contributing to your zapped energy…

You Are Stressed
This sounds like an obvious one but if you are very stressed at work then you might find yourself with very little motivation or energy outside of it. This is also true if you’re overtraining or generally pushing yourself too far.  Stress causes the release of stress hormones and with prolonged stress this starts to take its toll on you.  You likely have heard of ‘adrenal fatigue’, which basically means that you’ve pushed the hormones and neurotransmitters in your body too their limit. You are all tapped out, leaving you feeling drained and listless.

The aim then is either to identify the cause of the stress/fatigue and eliminate it from your routine, or to find better ways of coping and managing it. It may mean changing jobs, relationships, or how you react to them.  It also can mean finding more time for self care.  

Your Environment is Bad
If you find yourself feeling rough in the mornings, then this could be the result of something damaging in your immediate environment where you sleep. Common examples include mold or allergens coming through the window. You may be suffering from hay fever! Likewise, too much or too little moisture in the air can also cause similar problems.  Do you sleep with your cell phone or other electronics in the bedroom?  The EMF’s these put off will impact the quality of your sleep.

Food Intolerances 

Believe it or not we all have intolerances to various foods.  It is the impact these foods can be having that could be zapping your energy.  How you might ask?  Because these foods can contribute to inflammation in your body.  This will drain your energy.  Removing the inflammation allows for better nutrient absorption from the food you do tolerate.

Another reason we sometimes feel drained is that we’re missing out on important nutrients. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, this can cause tiredness as well as other symptoms like tingling extremities. Likewise, deficiencies in various other nutrients can cause a range of other problems from brain fog, to headaches, to poor sleep.

Make sure you are eating a balanced diet and consider a blood test to look for nutrient deficiencies if your energy levels are chronically low.  An often overlooked cause of fatigue is poor hydration.  So it is very important that you are getting enough water.

Your hormone balance is largely responsible for your energy levels, as well as your physique and our mood. A lot of things can affect this, from numerous health conditions, to a generally fast or slow metabolism, to medications. If you find it hard to lose or gain weight and your energy levels are low, then again, consider having your hormone levels checked.  

As mentioned, medications can impact on your hormone balance (such as the oral contraceptive pill), while other medications – like sleeping aids – can also have lasting negative impacts. Sleep medications in particular will often leave you feeling groggy and the same can be said of anti-anxiety medications and anxiolytics.  These are just a few examples.  There are many medications that can zap your energy.  

Whatever you do, don’t write it off if you’re always tired.  If you would explore why you are always tired further, let me help you.  To learn more CLICK HERE. 

6 Reasons You Might Be Constantly Tired

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