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Feeling Disconnected? This love hormone could be to blame.

This year has created new challenges and added stress requiring us all to pivot in some way.  Do you find yourself in self-preservation mode?  Do you feel disconnected from others?  

What you may not know is that your love hormone could be suffering from the stress and social isolation brought on by the fallout with this pandemic.

Are you wondering what the love hormone is?  It is oxytocin.

That’s right, oxytocin.  You may be thinking….isn’t that the hormone released during childbirth and breastfeeding?  Yes it is, but it does not go away.  

Oxytocin is an important hormone that helps with love, connection and bonding with others.  

When stress goes up, so does cortisol.  High cortisol can cause other hormones to drop, including oxytocin.  

So you might be wondering…is there a test for that?  There is, but the testing is still somewhat controversial for its accuracy.  There are both urine and saliva tests available on the market.

Ok, so what is another way to know if I may be low in oxytocin you ask?
If you suffer from anxiety, depression, low libido, loss of connection and intimacy and prefer being alone rather then interacting with others; you may have lower oxytocin levels.

Is there a treatment?
Yes, there are ways you can naturally raise your oxytocin level.  First, find ways to lower your stress.  Second, be a kid again…laugh, play, give hugs, smile, get a pet.  Third, have a daily mantra you are stating or you are writing down what you are thankful for.  Fourth, connect with your significant other and with time and practice, having an orgasm (if this has been missing) also creates more oxytocin.

Oxytocin hormone replacement has also been studied and used in the treatment of both female and male sexual dysfunction, pain, cancer, gastroparesis, and anti-aging.  

If you are ready to take a more active role in your hormone health, schedule a free Hormone Relief Discovery Call to learn more about the Path to Hormone Health Group Program where we take a deep dive into what is going on with your hormones and steps you can take to start feeling comfortable in your own body again.


Feeling Disconnected? This love hormone could be to blame.

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