Hormone Testing…..Urine Testing is a Game Changer!

Have you ever had your hormones tested? 

I have been testing both women and men’s hormones for years.  Many of these hormone levels can be obtained via blood testing.  However there are some hormone levels that are actually better evaluated using dried urine testing.

Why urine testing?

If you perform blood testing it is only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  Saliva testing is seeing a bit more of the iceberg and this is what I did for years.  On saliva testing I could see what the free active hormone level were that was getting into the cells.  I felt this was the best test we had available….at that time.  However, then dried urine testing for comprehensive hormones or DUTCH testing came along and changed everything.

To learn more about the value DUTCH testing provides, watch this indepth video on DUTCH testing by clicking here.

Dutch Testing is the test I now recommend to evaluate the sex hormones because we can now see the part of the iceberg, if you will that is below the water.  This form of testing looks at hormone metabolites and which pathways your hormones are breaking down.  This is a game changer in hormone testing!  Not only that, there is no poking you for blood, no spitting into a tube to collect your saliva.  You just have to collect your urine.

Over the past few years, I have seen an increasing number of functional practitioners move away for blood or saliva testing and moved to the DUTCH test.  Myself included.  Many of these providers are charging over $400 for the test on their websites (does not include price of consultation) and if you order the test directly from Precision Analytical (lab that does the DUTCH test), it will cost you about $400 as well.  Now this test is worth this and more.

If you want to have someone interpret the results, you then have to find a practitioner that knows how to interpret them.  Otherwise you likely won’t be able to make heads or tails of what you are looking at or how to proceed in supporting or correcting any hormone imbalances you may have.

This is something I can help you with.  Not only that, when working with me, I will share with you how to get the test for a very special discounted rate.  During your initial consultation, I will take a complete history and find out why you are wanting the testing done.  I will then share with you how to get this test at a discount.  Once your testing is completed, you will be advised to schedule a follow up consultation where I will go over the test results with you in great deal.  You will also be provided with a protocol on how to correct or support your hormones.

If you want to learn more about how to work with me and have your hormone levels checked click here to now.

Feel free to email me at pathtohealthandhealing@gmail.com if you have additional questions.

To learn more about DUTCH Testing, watch this video:

Hormone Testing…..Urine Testing is a Game Changer!

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