Menopause – How To Tell If You’re Experiencing It

Not sure exactly how to know if you might be going through menopause?

You may start to notice changes in your health and well-being as you enter your forties and fifties but these aren’t always recognized as being linked to menopause. Changing levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other hormones can encourage a range of symptoms.

If you are experiencing changes to your menstrual cycle, hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal, and bladder issues, fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, thinning hair and more. If you have any of these symptoms, these can be clues you are heading into menopause.

What is the menopause?

In a nutshell, “menopause” means that your periods are no longer happening and you have gone at least a year without having one.

In the years leading up to this, many women experience many of the symptoms I mentioned in “perimenopause”. During this time, your levels of two key hormones, estrogen and progesterone, begin to change. This stems from your ovaries supply of eggs, which start to decline and have an effect, thereby causing common menopause symptoms.

Not having periods for as long as 60 days is quite common in the perimenopause, especially as you move towards the full menopause.

Lack of periods

Not having a period for over a year is a sure sign that you’ve entered menopause. It’s often not as simple as that though as many women find that their menstrual cycle changes subtly in the years before it stops completely. For some women, menstruation does just stop completely but it’s generally more common to have some changes first.

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Menopause – How To Tell If You’re Experiencing It

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