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Anxiety and Hormones – Natural Ways to Calm Down

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Do you feel yourself feeling anxious for no reason?  It could be related to your hormones.

Anxiety is something many of us deal with on a regular basis due to stress in our lives. However, there are times when individuals can experience anxiety for no particular reason.  Sure stress, is often a cause for anxiety, but could an underlying hormone imbalance be the what is making you feel uneasy, unsettled, and not at peace?  In my experience, the answer to this is yes.

Many women suffer from anxiety related to fluctuations in their hormones that can occur before the menstrual period, before menopause (perimenopause) and in menopause (post menopausal).  This can be incapacitating, particularly when it is constant or happens frequently.  When it is happening so often it begins to affect daily activities and you cannot find peace of mind, there are some things you can do that may help.  However, you may also need to seek help from a licensed practitioner.

While medication is available to help with anxiety, it should not be the first line of treatment you seek out, as they come with lots of adverse effects and cause the user to build up a dependence. The better option is to seek out natural ways to calm the anxiety- those without lingering negative effects and which are likely to help you cope better in the long run. 

If you feel your anxiety is hormone related, get your hormone levels checked.  This is something I can help you with.  There are different ways in which hormone levels can be measured, each with their pros and cons.  I have found dried urine test for comprehensive hormones to be the best there is in evaluating hormones.  This method of hormone testing provides a fuller picture of what is going on with your hormones and how you are actually utilizing and breaking your hormones down.  By testing hormone imbalances in cortisol, progesterone and estrogen may help to explain why you are feeling so anxious.  This is looking for root cause, and not just treating symptoms with anxiety medications that never really solve the “why”.  

There are also natural ways that can be explored to help lower your anxiety today, such as:


Meditation should be the core of a natural strategy to manage anxiety, since it helps ground your irrational fears. While we all have apprehension of the future, meditation helps us to take each moment at a time.

The goal of meditation is not to block out negative emotions, but help us learn to not linger on them. Get started first thing tomorrow morning- just sit peacefully for 5 minutes at the beginning of your day, let thoughts enter your mind freely, but do not let them linger. The end goal is to have control over your thoughts and not letting them negatively ruin your day.

Sleep Enough At Night

Lack of sleep causes your hormones and your brain to go haywire- playing all sorts of tricks on you and decreasing your emotional tolerance as a whole. You may find that following even just one night of sleep loss your performance will decrease, and you will be prone to anger and agitation. Strive for a minimum of 7 hours nightly to keep your brain chemistry on point.


Exercise is one of the best medicines we have at our disposal, as there are few things that are comparable to the range of health benefits it offers. Exercise, similar to sleep, helps to naturally manage anxiety and depression, by increasing levels of feel good and stress busting chemicals known as endorphins.

Anxiety if partially worsened by high levels of adrenalin, and even though exercise does temporarily increase these levels, the endorphins temper its effects and leave your mood on a high for hours afterwards.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has numerous benefits on health, and is not your typical sugar laden variety. Dark chocolate is particularly effective in reducing the impact that the stress hormone cortisol has on our body, including precipitating anxiety.

Its mode of action of unique, as it relays relaxation from the stomach to the brain. Similar to the way that you feel nervousness in your stomach, a never named the vagus can be exploited for soothing anxiety too.

Try To Get Sunlight Daily

People in colder climates have been observed to develop a condition known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which comes on during the winter months when sun exposure is limited.

Symptoms of SAD include depression, irritability and increased anxiety, all of which resolve upon exposure to sunlight. If you do live in such a climate, and are unable to get exposure to the sun when winter comes, artificial light therapy also helps improve symptoms.

Consume More Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids are strong anti-oxidants, and may help to stem the cause of your anxiety. Typically, the two hormones that are elevated are cortisol and adrenalin, both of which respond negatively to the influence of oxidation.  By doing a dried urine test for comprehensive hormones, you can actually see what is going on with these hormones.

Omega-3 fats combat excessive oxidation and are anti-inflammatory, helping boost production of serotonin and dopamine, and helping keep your anxiety response normal.

Frankincense Essential Oil 

Frankincense comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree and has been used for centuries as a remedy for all kinds of health conditions.  One little known way Frankincense has been used, is as an agent to calm anxiety.  Try placing 2 drops under your tongue and see if it does not help you to start relaxing.  It may also be useful to relax you if feeling so anxious you can’t sleep and can be taken before bed.  There are other essential oils that are also beneficial for calming anxiety. 

If you feel that your hormones may be the source of your anxiety get tested.  This is something I can help you with, click here to schedule a consultation.



Anxiety and Hormones – Natural Ways to Calm Down

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